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Thorough, informative, relevant information I am ask to apply in the very near future.

– Annel Martin, EMR Analyst, CSU San Bernardino

Excellent course presented by knowledgeable staff; Interesting and completely relevant;Fast-paced and info-packed.

– Tura Morice, CIO, El Centro Regional Medical Center

Outstanding material, presentation content & presenters.

– Geoff Boulter, Platform Security Office, Hewlett Packard

Best delivery and information on HIPAA compliance, security and risk management.

– Cornel Ruston, Managing Partner, CR Associates, LLC

 This is a solid program with great education.  It lets you invest in a long term program.

– Steve Klimback, Director of IT, The Angeles Clinic

The BootCamp provided a great overview of HIPAA and help removed a lot of the confusion around HIPAA, HITECH and Omnibus Rules.  It helped break down the different components of the regulation that was easy to understand.

– Robert Norton, Healthcare Channel Manager, Symantec

We chose Clearwater because of they offered a complete end-to-end HIPAA Security Risk Analysis process that followed all the HHS/OCR guidance. Very professional people who provided specific recommendations we could act on immediately.

– Cheryl Burokas, Practice Manager, Auburn Podiatry LLP on Dec 30th 2012

5 out of 5

I researched several security companies recommended by our EMR provider and found Clearwater was most comprehensive and cost-effective.

– Rating by Chip Harris, Administrator, Neurology Clinic, P.C. on Dec 30th 2012:

5 out of 5

We looked at several vendors to complete our Risk Analysis. Clearwater quickly emerged as our top choice because of their solid three-step process and deep HIPAA risk analysis experience. We learned a great deal about our exposures and received a solid plan of action. Very thorough and professional. Thanks to their work, we have successfully completed our Meaningful Use attestation and are currently working to correct our deficiencies.

– Rating by Elizabeth Blondefield, Practice Manager, Grady L. Jeter, MD on Feb 4th 2013:

FYI, I still reference the HIPAA Audit Prep BootCamp meeting materials. That was a great meeting and timely for my situation. I’ve mentioned your company to local colleagues as an excellent HIPAA resource. 

– – Jeramy Kuhn, JD, MPT, Compliance Officer, Care Initiatives

I thought the HIPAA Audit Prep BootCamp was fantastic and have recommended it to the County’s privacy officer at the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and Professional Standards.

– Donna Casey, PMP, Security and Compliance Services, Broward County, FL

[Bob Chaput is...] One of the best presenters I’ve ever seen (14 years of experience of going to and doing things like this) ……overall a well-constructed and well-presented program.  I’ve done this in the privacy-sector for 14 years and can tell a good presentation program when I see one.

– – Stephen Treglia, Absolute Software, Legal Counsel, Investigations and Recovery Services

Clear, concise, factual, no sugar coating.  A great opportunity to learn “real” info, minus the hype about HIPAA.

– –Meg Frye, Wht. Mtn. Peds, Practice Management

Presentation was excellent! Speakers excellent!

– Karen Ryker, Chief Compliance Officer of RC Billing in Austin, TX

We choose Clearwater because they are a front runner in consulting and assisting with this area. And, they also have developed Risk Analysis software to help you meet the Meaningful Use criteria and qualify for incentives. They may be listed as a consulting group, but they will also train and adjust to whatever is needed based upon your in-house expertise. The other top vendors were mainly consultants, they will come in and assess/audit our facility, give recommendations and leave, and if we need them again we will need to pay another fee. Clearwater offered the same type of consulting but also offered to sell us the software tool and train us on the application and uses of it. This way we may preform audits and assessments at any time.

We felt that we had the expertise in-house to understand and conduct assessments and audits after being shown the demo of the software. This software and training is within the compliance listed by the statutorily obligated to comply with the law as a result of Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, which was enacted as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009.


– - Wayne Richmond, Data Security Officer, Princeton Community Hospital

I have enjoyed participating in several HIPAA/HITECH webinars hosted by Bob Chaput with Clearwater Compliance, LLC.

The Webinars have been extremely professional and very specific in regards to assisting organizations meet the various applicable HIPAA Privacy and Security regulatory compliance requirements. After each webinar, I have been extremely impressed that Bob has personally followed up with me to see if the webinar was helpful, met my needs, and if I had any follow up questions or suggestions. Bob is very professional, polite, very customer focused, takes pride in the work, expertise and reputation of his organization!


– Robin Redford, Enterprise HIPAA Application Auditor

Your content and skill sets are extremely valuable in this needed segment.

Bob Chaput is an excellent corporate expert in the areas of healthcare IT risk auditing, privacy and compliance for HIPAA and HITECH. He and his company’s presentations have greatly aided me in having additional resources for healthcare compliance to refer interested parties to for insight.
I appreciate and would recommend him to any and all seeking assistance in the rapidly changing healthcare compliance.


– - Valdez Ladd C., Technical Support Engineer II. Information Security Adviser

It was a good course that provided a significant amount of information and was run very well for an online setting.

– Scott Miller, Network Security Engineer, United Surgical Partners Int.

I think the BootCamp was a great introduction to what is a very complicated topic.  It has made me more aware of the things I need to be concerned with.  It has also made me realize, as you recommend, we are going to need help from knowledgeable resources to get through this.

– Steven Snyder, CIO/VP of IT, Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

The information is very informative and is valuable to anyone at all exposure levels.

– John Briscoe, CIO, New York Hotel Trade Council

Quick and Easy were good reminders what to tackle first.  Well-rounded including discussion of people as well as everything else.

– Kim Kohrt, Privacy Officer, Capital Medical Group

We are a BA who has just become affected by HIPAA.  We have had a very difficult time finding information and training on how to implement HIPAA related privacy & security regulations into our policies and procedures.  Clearwater Compliance has been a blessing!  I feel very prepared.  I especially enjoyed the presentation on leadership.

– Melissa Byers, Manager of IT Process Optimization & Governance, Datotel

The course material and speakers were exceptional and provided a ‘real life’ understanding of the requirements.

– Scott Johnson, Risk Management Analyst, Dept. of Veterans Affairs

The two principals of Clearwater Compliance, Bob and Mary Chaput, were both executive leaders at Healthways previously – Bob as EVP & CIO and Mary as EVP & CFO.  Core to their respective duties and responsibilities while at Healthways was risk management, including a significant emphasis on HIPAA security and privacy.  During the stretch of a decade with the company they led the design, development, implementation and management of the enterprise compliance program.  The approach, tools and processes developed for Healthways now serve as the basis of the platform for Clearwater Compliance.  Just to give you a sense of the magnitude of their work at Healthways, the compliance program protected the PHI for more than 40 million Americans annually.  In addition, the effectiveness of the program performance was tested readily each year through audits administered by our large customers, composed of government (e.g., CMS), national/regional health plans and Fortune 500 employers.  We have had no violations or investigations under this program.  Moving forward we intend to continue to stay abreast and compliant through the excellent HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification WorkShop™ offerings that Clearwater Compliance delivers.  Bob and Mary Chaput are people of high integrity, impeccable work ethic and are very passionate about the business they are leading and the value they are creating.  They will treat your risks and opportunities as if they were their own.    I hope my note does justice to begin to explain how fortunate you would be to do business with Clearwater Compliance.



– -- Ben Leedle, Jr. | CEO | Healthways, Inc. | (NASDAQ: HWAY)

Health Plan of San Joaquin began its relationship with Clearwater Compliance when we were randomly selected by OCR as one of the first in the nation covered entities to be audited.  Bob and his expert team made us feel like we were their priority in those stressful weeks before and during the audit.  That’s why we continue to place our confidence in Clearwater Compliance to assist with the testing of our systems and processes.



– Dawn Goodman, Privacy and Security Officer, Health Plan of San Joaquin

The easy to use work breakdown structure provided to be used as a roadmap for the overall HIPAA program.

– Humberto Gonzalez, CIO Su Clinica

I have learned a lot from all of the material that was presented to us and think it was very useful to attend the BootCamp.

– Ashima Mehna, Information Security Analyst, St Jude Children's Hospital

You have a reputation for knowing what you are talking about. I will definitely recommend your company to clients and hope that they will have you come out. I have already emailed a client and told them that they should consider having their employees attend a BootCamp.

– Sharon Blackwood, Consultant

Quality of information provided as well as great delivery and conversation.

– Stephanie Hoogasian, Healthcare Sales Executive, Symantec

I felt that the content covered was informative and had tremendous depth. Presenter provided many real world situations and examples of how and what to do if HIPAA, HITECH Compliance and Security are of great concern.

– Robert Zampolin, Healthcare Practice Manager, Symantec

Hearing real live scenarios, let me know what’s going on outside my agency… Very good course , very informative.

– Jermell Atkins, Management Analyst, Veterans Affairs

It was recommended to me. I am glad it was recommended. I felt it was very good.

– William Meyer, Management Analyst, Veterans Affairs

Very informative.

– Yamilet Aguilera, HR Manager, Fowler, White, Burnett, P.A.

As a former professor teaching at the Master level I can compare this course with the methodology I used for many years to teach adults, The Experiential Learning Model. The faculty and the course material is outstanding and the course material are outstanding. The distance learning methodology was well used and we did not lose a minute do to break ins.

– Jose Luis Nunez Rosa, Lead Management Analyst, Department of Veterans Affairs, OIT, Enterprise Risk Management

I am happy to positively endorse Clearwater Compliance. They have done an excellent job for us with their audit of our privacy, security and breach readiness to comply with HIPAA, HITECH and the new Omnibus changes which go into effect this next month.

Bob and Mary Chaput conducted our audit themselves and we had a very productive and informative two day audit session. We have also engaged them to do a security risk assessment, which is scheduled for the first quarter of 2014 (we wanted to put their preliminary audit recommendations into place before we ran this audit). They are very specific, very clear, very thorough and very knowledgeable. Their style is structured, but friendly and easy. We consider them friends now that we have spent so much time with them both in prep for our audit, in the actual audit and in follow up since the audit.

Their audit report was well written and provided us with many areas of improvement and recommendations to follow up on. We created our own internal Corrective Action Plan project team (consisting of compliance, IT and operations staff) to follow up on their recommendations. We believe we will be much more compliant/effective with privacy, security and breach regulations once we have implemented their recommendations.

We find their audit tool/software to be easy to use and intuitive. We are just now updating our status on a number of items to see our new “score” using their tool.

We also feel we are very conversant in the regs and expectations surrounding privacy, security and breaches. There are at least four other local health plans similar to ours in CA who have or are using Clearwater Compliance. They have all spoken highly of their experience with Clearwater Compliance.

Finally, let me note that their pricing seems very reasonable to us – both for the value we directly received and in comparison to fees we have/do pay other consultants who support our health plan.

– Eric Bergen, Sr. Director - Quality Improvement & Compliance, Alameda Alliance for Health

Clearwater Compliance (CC) was engaged to provide Costco Wholesale Corporation (CWC) a HIPAA / HITECH assessment for our healthcare centers after prolonged due diligence.CWC held onsite interviews with several companies numerous times including very large consulting firms. These interviews were conducted by senior IS Executives, IS Compliance, IS Information Security, Corporate Legal, Senior executives and directors of the healthcare centers. This was an exhaustive search for the right fit for CWC’s need to understand the OCR protocol, where we currently were and to create a roadmap for remediation, if needed.Clearwater Compliance was chosen primarily because of the following reasons.

  • A deep understanding of HIPAA and HITECH and Clearwater principals had many years of experience in the Healthcare sector, in leadership roles.
  • Assessment tools were in place, vetted by numerous customers
  • Professional demeanor and knowledgeable responses when asked questions. (As opposed to the glad handed sales people, who knew very little)
  • Ability to engage in a timely manner
  • Fees for engagement were reasonable based on our needs
  • CC was able to provide on ground assets in multiple locations throughout the US concurrently
  • Provided a roadmap and ability to track each gap as they were addressed

Clearwater met and in most cases exceeded our expectations and has been awarded additional contracts because of their expertise and performance.


– Marshall Maring, CIPP/US HIPAA Privacy Program Manager Retired July 2013

[BootCamp] A lot of material logically presented.

– Jeff Colamarino, Director of IT,Everslim Centers, LLC

[BootCamp Score 10 out of 10 rated due to] Content and delivery.

– Joe Harford, Founder, Reclamere

[BootCamp] Information was presented in a practical manner. Very understandable.

– Howard Levine, EVP, SoftScript

It was an interesting and informational seminar. Everyone was down to earth and real–no big ego’s.

– Christina Talucci, Principal, CMT Consulting, LLC

[BootCamp] Wealth of information, great connections, material to refer back to.

– Kimberly Nash, IT Compliance Analyst, eGistics Inc.

Your team’s expertise helped ensure that we had great participation. I know HIPAA can be complex but your team really broke it down in a way that everyone could understand. We are getting ready to get underway with our cross functional compliance team and work plan, and will be on our way to a “straight A” HIPAA compliance program thanks to your software and to you, Mary, Jason and Wes.

– Ian Johansson, Associate Director of Regulatory Affairs Administration Department Partnership HealthPlan of California

[BootCamp] This was very helpful from the perspective of an IT auditor. The methods are the same, but the considerations around PHI were profound.

– Diane McClain, Operations Manager, Newberry Group

[BootCamp] Overall, the training was very valuable and provided a wealth of knowledgeable information to help key people improve their organization’s HIPAA compliance and privacy practices.

– Anitra Cole, Director of Human Resources, St.Joseph Institute for the Deaf

[BootCamp] Good format to learn and ask questions.

– Terry Taylor, Sr. Quality Manager, Roche Health Solutions

[BootCamp] One stop shopping for HIPAA education…Excellent program that did a great job of distilling complex material into manageable pieces.

– Dia Morgan, General Counsel, Adapt of America, Inc.

Both HIPAA-HITECH educational webinars I attended were fantastic! Clearwater Compliance is a great resource.

– Becky Raczkowski, CIA – ERM Consultant, FreedMaxick CPAs, P.C.

Today’s webinar was exceptionally fine!  ( they ALL are!)  Many thanks for the slides and your content.

You are positively influencing the lives of many by your good works.  You are appreciated!”

– Sally Jones-McNamara, Sr. Healthcare Compliance Executive