About Clearwater Compliance

Expert knowledge. Trusted advice. Solutions that work.

“We provide customized, by-the-regs HIPAA and HITECH solutions for unique customer needs. That’s why more than 250 organizations – from Fortune 100 companies to small medical practices – have chosen Clearwater Compliance.” – Bob Chaput, CEO and Founder, Clearwater Compliance, LLC Bob Chaput, CEO

Clearwater Compliance, LLC has one purpose: to help your organization become and remain compliant with the HIPAA-HITECH Security, Privacy and Data Breach regulations.

Becoming and remaining HIPAA Compliant can be a complex process. We deliver the most innovative and thorough compliance services through tools and softwarerisk management solutions and professional services and consulting.

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Who is Clearwater Compliance?

Our responsive and committed team includes veteran healthcare executives and professionals with extensive experience in HIPAA, HITECH and other regulatory areas. Chief executive officer and founder, Bob Chaput, MA, CISSP, CIPP-US, CHP, CHSS, is a nationally recognized expert within the healthcare data security and protection sector. He has been responsible for the security and compliance of some of the world’s largest healthcare databases, and has formed and grown several businesses to help industries with strict compliance laws.

Chaput speaks nationally and writes extensively on HIPAA and HITECH security. He was an early Web adopter and uses the Web’s scaleability to educate and support a national audience. Join Chaput for a live and complimentary webinar. Or check out our blog  for a wealth of information on policies & procedures, conducting a risk analysis, security assessments, quick tips and so much more.

Bob is supported by a strong team with extensive experience in the healthcare sector to ensure that all Clearwater Compliance services provide customers innovative, by-the-regs solutions and high levels of satisfaction.

  • We’re here to serve our customers. Our customers are the reason we’re in business. And we never forget that. Our goals are your business risk management and compliance goals.
  • Our mission is laser-focused and simple. We’re here for one purpose. We help companies become and remain HIPAA-HITECH compliant.
  • Our core values are about you.  We believe in Enlightened colleague engagement, superb customer hospitality, superior quality solutions & services and renowned cost competitiveness and value.
  • Renowned cost competitiveness and value. Our customers become Raving Fans because we are relentlessly focused on affordable, scaleable solutions that create maximum value and return on investment.

  • Engaged colleagues here to serve you. We empower,  entrust and equip our team members to help you  achieve your compliance goals. We are fully accountable for making and keeping our promises to you.
  • Superb customer hospitality. We engage in dialog, not monologue, with customers to ensure we thoroughly understand your requirements. We appreciate your business.
  • Superior quality solutions and services.  Through our zero-defect design processes for software and consulting services, we provide the highest quality, by-the-regs services from the outset. We also provide order, process and discipline to all work we do for you.
  • Software solutions are a means to an end. Having the best HIPAA-HITECH compliance software solutions in the world is fun… and interesting… but not enough. We’re here to help you become and remain HIPAA-HITECH compliant.

Expert Advice

HIPAA ComplianceIn addition our expert advisors add a deep and insightful level of understanding on a range of HIPAA HITECH security and compliance topics. Leaders in their industries, our experts have work with organizations and publications such as the American College of Physicians, Medical Economics, Merrill Lynch, Blue Cross Blue Shield, American College of Medical Quality and Healthways.

These consultants ensure that all of our software and services meet all stringent confidentiality, integrity and security requirements of healthcare related data.

Trusted Advice

HIPAA-defined covered entities, business associates and subcontractors of all sizes across the country use our software, templates, educational and professional services and remediation products. These work to effectively and properly respond to the HITECH Act and Data Breach Notification Laws, which has dramatically increased enforcement and penalties.  

Solutions that Work

Clearwater Compliance has served more than 250 companies since its start. Customers range from Fortune 100 companies to small medical practices – and everything in between. Our customers, who have all become raving fans, include hospitals, medical centers, healthcare chains, long-term care providers, disease and health management companies, health insurance companies, bioscience firms, IT companies (including many EMR providers), healthcare consultants and device manufacturers in every sector.

What Clearwater Compliance Offers

We’ve industry experts that provide the most effective tools to help our customers become and remain HIPAA-HITECH compliant. We carefully listen to customer feedback, respond to specific requests and offer an evolving, continuously-enhanced set of tools: