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Thank You for Contacting Us! If you have any questions, want to arrange for a personal demonstration of our software, receive a software quotation or just want to talk to one of our experts about how Clearwater Compliance can help you become and remain compliant with HIPAA, call 1-800-704-3394 or email

We know and our customers will tell you that we provide the best, industry-leading HIPAA-HITECH compliance software and services in the industry.  You may read Testimonials here.  What we don’t know is whether our HIPAA-HITECH compliance software and services will specifically help you meet your goals.  To help us work with you to determine that, we’d like to understand two things:

  • Do we have a good business fit?; that is, can we help you solve problems/challenges or needs/wants you’re currently working to address?; and,
  • Do we have a good budget / timing fit? that is, do you have a budget and are you prepared to engage a firm in the near future?

To allow us together to arrive at the answers to the questions above, please complete the brief information form below; one of our representatives will be in contact with you shortly.

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