Dr. Michael Montijo

Michael Montijo, MD, MPH, FACP – Healthcare and Security Expert is a health care visionary who has led and managed an array of health care organizations. He has instituted a culture of security and privacy and overseen privacy and security policies and processes in a diversity of health care settings.

He has day to day experience of managing complex security and privacy under HIPAA regulations.  His career spans the health care universe: a practicing physician, leader of large group practices, educator, national physician leader, consultant on health care for foreign nations, founder and leader of small and large health plans, leader in medical informatics, and innovator in population health. 

He has been a local and national leader in various organizations such as the American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, American College of Physicians, and the American Society of Internal Medicine.

He has worked with some of the largest health care data bases in the world, ensuring their security.  He has experience in privacy and security requirements for foreign nations.  He is currently the President of Accountable Care Consulting, LLC.

You can contact him at Michael@accountablecareconsultingllc.com