Feisal Nanji

Feisal NanjiFeisal Nanji is Executive Director of Techumen, an information security firm focusing exclusively on securing health care information. Feisal has over 25 years of information technology experience. Among his information security clients are:

  • A leading Academic Medical Center in the North-East US,
  • Group of 300 Physicians affiliated with an Academic Medical Center,
  • Nationally recognized Electronic Health Record  (EHR) systems vendor,
  • Health Information Exchange (HIE) composed of 14 hospitals,
  • Developer of on-site private health clinics for large corporations,
  • Community health center.

Feisal currently serves on the Advanced Security Workgroup for the Certification Committee on Health Information technology (CCHIT). Feisal is a frequent speaker on the topic of information security and compliance. He last presented at HIMSS 2011 (Orlando) on the topic of Securing Health Information in the Cloud. Previously Feisal was responsible for leading Ernst & Young’s National Application Security Service line. Among his clients included many of the largest commercial and investment banks, and health providers. Among his assignments at Ernst & Young included leading a team to analyze and help remediate application and network security weaknesses for an Integrated Delivery Health Network with an installed base of several million electronic medical records. Feisal is a graduate of Harvard University and the University of Notre Dame. He is a Certified Information Security Systems Professional (CISSP)