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Clearwater HIPAA Compliance BootCamp™

Clearwater HIPAA Audit Prep Bootcamps

Leap to a Better Place with Your HIPAA Compliance Program (Fast!)

Let’s face it — we are in a new era of HIPAA-HITECH enforcement!  The HITECH-mandated Office for Civil Rights (OCR) audits are simply one more arrow in OCR’s enforcement quiver.  Register Now!

  • Do you know what you need to know to avoid or get fully prepared for an OCR investigation or client audit?
  • Have you completed appropriate assessments and developed your remediation plans?
  • Will your organization be perceived as demonstrating good faith effort towards compliance?

A HIPAA-HITECH Education & A New iPad

Designed for busy professionals, the Clearwater HIPAA Compliance BootCamp™ distills the critical information you need to know about the HIPAA Privacy and Security Final Rules and the HITECH Breach Notification Rule. This event will equip your organization with what’s needed to become and remain compliant with the regulations. In addition, one lucky participant will receive a new iPad!

HIPAA Simplified by Experts™

The OCR reports that in the last 3 years, since the HITECH Act became law, there have been over 70,000 HIPAA violation complaints.  HIPAA enforcement, settlements and penalties are on the upswing.  Shareholders, Boards and the C-Suite are taking actions to shore up their compliance program–are you?  Don’t wait any longer to ensure that your organization has an effective HIPAA-HITECH compliance program in place!  Don’t know where to start? 

In our BootCamp™, you’ll receive an intensive education on HIPAA-HITECH–Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification rules and requirements; the final changes brought about by the Omnibus Final Rule; the provisions now applicable to Business Associates; critical understanding of the enforcement and penalties; essential knowledge of the OCR audit/investigation protocol; findings from the 2012-13 OCR audits & investigations; best practices and tools to ensure you are ready in the event of an OCR investigation—all especially prepared and presented by leading experts on the regulations…and in business..

Nine Hours = Big ROI

This Clearwater HIPAA Compliance BootCamp™ has received rave reviews and testimonials from privacy and security compliance professionals across the U.S.  Attendance will help you stay in business and maintain a competitive advantage through the strength of your HIPAA-HITECH compliance program.  You’ll receive tangible, practical, actionable information and advice that will equip you to take appropriate actions immediately. Register Now!

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Key Features and Benefits of Clearwater HIPAA Compliance BootCamp™

What you will receive

How you will benefit

A Clearwater Compliance BootCamp™ includes the following features:

  • Top HIPAA and HITECH experts with real world experience
  • Highly interactive, high quality education and instruction on the requirements of the Privacy, Security,and Breach Notification Rules, updated with Omnibus
  • Valuable insights on the composition of the OCR Audit Protocols, enforcement and penalties
  • Logical approaches and best practices used by others to strengthen their compliance programs and/or prepare for an OCR audit or investigation
  • Tools that may be used to facilitate your compliance programs
  • Well established education program: 7 CEUs from ISC2, IAPP, ISSA, HCCA and others

Empower your teams with relevant, practical and actionable information efficiently and effectively:

  • Eliminate confusion, save time, reduce costly investment in multiple courses, and avoid even more costly missteps that occur when your compliance program is developed and managed by uneducated teams
  • Equip and inspire your risk and compliance teams to create and foster a HIPAA “Culture of Compliance” throughout your organization
  • Enable your team to recognize high priority gaps in your HIPAA compliance program and develop prioritized corrective action plans
  • Gain the ability to identify the key metrics for measuring and monitoring the status and progress of your compliance program
  • Avoid the loss of business, hefty fines or reputational risk of failing an audit
  • Empower your organization to market your HIPAA knowledge and proven compliance as a competitive advantage

“ This was the most well-constructed and presented seminar of this kind I have ever attended…and believe me, I have attended a lot of these!” – Chief Compliance Officer – Fortune 100 Company

To find out more about the Clearwater HIPAA Compliance BootCamp™, email; or contact Customer Service at 800-704-3394.