Clearwater HITECH Breach Notification Policy & Procedures™

Save Thousands of Dollars and Hundreds of Hours with this complete HITECH Breach Notification Policy and Procedures solution.


Let our years of experience make your HITECH Breach Notification compliance effort easier!

The HITECH Breach IFR requires every covered entity (CE) develop written policies and procedures regarding breach notification, ensure workforce members are trained on these policies and procedures, and implement appropriate sanctions against workforce members who do not comply with these policies and procedures.  Additionally, every CE must ensure that proper notifications are made to individuals whose PII or PHI has been breached and/or to business partners responsible for same (e.g., Covered Entities), media outlets and state and federal government entities such as the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

The latest HITECH regulatory requirements have been used to create this complete HITECH Policy and Procedures solution.

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Why Develop HITECH Breach Notification Policy and Procedures?  It is The Law!

Compliance with the HITECH Breach Notification is important for three reasons:

  1. It’s the law!
  2. Your stakeholders trust you to do so!
  3. You want to stay in business!

What You Receive – Clearwater HITECH Breach Policy & Procedures™

  • Data Breach Notification Interim Final Rule document
  • Data Breach Notification Policy Development QuickStart
  • HIPAA-HITECH Security Compliance Roadmap™
  • Comprehensive Data Breach Notification Policy & Procedures template
  • Comprehensive HIPAA-HITECH Privacy and Security Glossary of Terms
  • 60 minutes of complimentary email, telephone or web-meeting support
  • Deeply rich policy and procedures template includes:
  1. Purpose
  2. Definitions
  3. Policy Statement
  4. Detailed Procedures
  5. Regulatory Authority
  6. Analysis
  7. References and more…
  • …and More!

How Our HITECH Breach Notification Policy and Procedures Were Designed

  • Detailed readings of the regulations
  • 45 C.F.R. Parts 160 and 164 Breach Notification for Unsecured Protected Health Information; Interim Final Rule(IFR) was used as a framework
  • Appropriate policy statements and procedures were developed in template format that help organizations with 90+% of the content required to comply with the regulations
  • Created in Word format for easy adoption and access
  • Template may be readily tailored to meet the unique requirements of any Covered Entity (CE) or Business Associate (BA)
  • The CE or BA may combine policies and procedures within certain Standards, if it deems that to be appropriate.

Our Recommended Tailoring Process…

  • Purchase and Download the Clearwater HITECH Breach Policy & Procedures™ (Zip File)
  • Extract ZIP to a Folder of your choice on your computer
  • Access all files in the Clearwater Clearwater HITECH Breach Policy & Procedures™
  • Read the “Data Breach Notification Policy Development QuickStart” document
  • Familiarize yourself with all other documents in the Zip File
  • Form a cross-functional policy development team (e.g., risk manager, HIPAA Security Officer, legal counsel, operational people affected by the policies, etc).
  • Designate an individual to serve as team leader.
  • Designate an individual to serve as project manager.
  • Design a review-revise-publish-communicate process to ensure all stakeholders are informed and trained as policies & procedures are implemented.
  • Work through each section of the template one-by-one making appropriate changes and decisions for each.
  • Contact us if you have any questions or require any assistance at:

Key Features and Benefits of Clearwater HITECH Breach Policy & Procedures™

Clearwater HITECH Breach Notification Policy & Procedures™ Features

Clearwater HITECH Breach Notification Policy & Procedures™ Benefits

Low Price and High Value

  • Low Risk
  • Saves hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in consulting fees
  • Fast Track to meeting HITECH Breach Notification Interim Final Rule Policies, Procedures and Documentation Requirements
  • Comprehensive tool and resources

Short Duration

  • Low Impact on Client Staff and Operations
  • Fast, Immediate Results
  • Proven Quality

Development Team

  • Developed by Senior, Experienced Professionals
  • Health Care Expertise
  • HIPAA – HITECH Focused

Sound Methodology

  • Comprehensive set of up-to-date policies
  • Based on Proven Best Practices
  • High-Quality, Credible Outcomes
  • Establishes Documentation Baseline for Compliance Program

How Much Does the Clearwater HITECH Breach Policy & Procedures™ Cost?

  • Special Introductory Price: $587.00 per Licensed Copy
  • Don’t spend THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on Consulting Fees and False Starts!