Clearwater HIPAA Risk Analysis™

HIPAA Risk Analysis Software

Clearwater HIPAA Risk Analysis™

HIPAA Risk Analysis Software

You’re Required to Perform a Risk Analysis.
Make Sure You Perform it in the Required Way.

How would you fare in an OCR audit or investigation? Recent OCR findings reveal that most organizations investigated after an inadvertent data breach had not conducted a security risk analysis as required by the HIPAA Security Rule. The financial, legal, regulatory and reputational consequences of not conducting a formal risk analysis and taking steps to mitigate identified risks are dire! Are you struggling to find guidance, tools and methodology to conduct your security risk analysis?

Introducing the Clearwater HIPAA Risk Analysis™ Software Solution
This software provides an approach and methodology to meet HIPAA and Meaningful Use requirements. It strictly follows the HHS/OCR guidance for Security Risk Analysis and harnesses the power of the NIST risk assessment processes. With Clearwater, you can be confident that your risk analysis is “by-the-book.” Read more about features and benefits in the following information.

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Is your organization ready, or are you at risk?

Clearwater Compliance can help!

Risk analysis is a core foundational step toward HIPAA compliance, yet organizations largely have been found lacking in this area. In 2012, 68 percent of Covered Entities and 80 percent of Providers had adverse Risk Analysis findings when audited by the Office for Civil Rights. Since 2008, 100 percent of settled cases from OCR investigations cited bona fide Security Risk Analysis as a corrective action plan requirement.

The Clearwater HIPAA Risk Analysis™ Software Solution

Join the hundreds of organizations that have used our software to power a formal, bona fide HIPAA security risk analysis – an explicit requirement within the Security Management Process Standard [45 CFR §164.308(a)(1)] of the HIPAA Security Final Rule. Read more about features and benefits in the following information.

Stage 1 and Stage 2 Meaningful Use also requires organizations to demonstrate they have conducted or reviewed a security risk analysis per 45 CFR §164.308(a)(1), have implemented security updates as necessary and have corrected identified security deficiencies as part of a risk management process.

Isn’t it time to conduct an authentic HIPAA Security Risk Analysis with the Clearwater HIPAA Risk Analysis™ software?

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Additional Information

One Of A Kind Proprietary Software

Powerful, proven methodology tailored for healthcare.

Record Where Your Sensitive Data Lives

Take stock, maintain and readily present a complete repository about all your information assets used to create, receive, maintain or transmit electronic Protected Health Information.

Don’t Be Surprised By Threats

View the hottest threats to your sensitive information, take the mystery out of identifying your threats and vulnerabilities and create risk ratings.

Learn Recommended Controls

Guard your data against identified threats and vulnerabilities with a tool that automatically presents the best controls recommended by security experts to prevent the exposure of your sensitive data.

Measure And Report Your Progress

Capture a baseline for your current security risk profile and measure and document your progress over time in reducing your risk score.

Operationalize Compliance

Mature, repeatable and sustainable process.

On Demand Reporting

Display your top threats and informed recommendations for presentation to the C-Suite, auditors or potential clients

Make Sound Decisions & Justify Investment

Dynamic reports highlight specific security control deficiencies and enable the prioritization of security investments based on quantified weaknesses.

Cloud Based Software

Cloud-based with no hosting or maintenance costs.

De Mystify A Complex Process

Become self-sufficient in meeting the requirement to conduct a periodic security risk analysis.


  1. TJ Houske


    “As a former hospital CISO and current security practitioner, I’ve seen many approaches to meeting HIPAA risk analysis requirements. Finally, there’s a SaaS solution extremely tightly tied to HHS/OCR/NIST guidelines. Very robust and comprehensive in controls coverage, yet easy to use. Kudos to the Clearwater team!”

    Housekey LLC

  2. Pete Niner


    With this tool, it’s easy to manage a large amount of disparate data, and focus in on the few things that truly matter. Clearwater has done a great job of simplifying a complex, detail-driven security analysis.

    — Pete Niner, CISSP

  3. Kamal Govindaswamy


    In my opinion, any good risk analysis solution needs to be good in three areas. Clearwater’s solution does very well in all three areas, as explained below:

    1. The design of the solution must be based on an established and acceptable standard methodology. Clearwater’s solution methodology is based on National Institute of Standards Technology’s (NIST) 800-30 publication and the guidance from the US Department of Health & Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR). Any organization dealing with Protected Health Information (PHI) as defined by HIPAA is obligated to follow this methodology for Security Risk Analysis.

    2. The solution must have a rich database of assessment questionnaire and controls so that all possible risks can be effectively identified and managed. Clearwater’s solution has a rich database of easy to follow questions and the user is asked to answer the questions based on the state of relevant controls drawn from NIST 800-53 publication.

    3. The solution must have good reporting capabilities for tracking risk assessments as well as demonstrating compliance with audit and regulatory requirements. Clearwater’s solution does very well in this area by providing reports that can be exported to Excel for further analysis and reporting.

    In the light of the above, I would strongly recommend Clearwater’s Risks Analysis solution for not only healthcare organizations but any organization that wants to manage its information security risks in an effective manner. I believe that the solution will be especially useful for healthcare organizations given Clearwater’s focus and thought leadership on healthcare security and privacy.

    Kamal Govindaswamy, CISSP, CISA, CIPP. ABCP
    RisknCompliance Consulting Group, LLC

  4. Cheryl Burokas


    We chose Clearwater because of they offered a complete end-to-end HIPAA Security Risk Analysis process that followed all the HHS/OCR guidance. Very professional people who provided specific recommendations we could act on immediately.

    – Cheryl Burokas, Practice Manager
    Auburn Podiatry LLP

  5. Chip Harris


    I researched several security companies recommended by our EMR provider and found Clearwater was most comprehensive and cost-effective. We now have the confidence of knowing that we have met this key Meaningful Use requirement by-the-book. High integrity expert team.

    – Chip Harris, Practice Administrator
    Neurology Clinic, P.C.

  6. Wayne Richmond Princeton Community Hospital Data Security Officer


    We choose Clearwater because they are a front runner in consulting and assisting with this area. And, they also have developed Risk Analysis software to help you meet the Meaningful Use criteria and qualify for incentives. They may be listed as a consulting group, but they will also train and adjust to whatever is needed based upon your in-house expertise. The other top vendors were mainly consultants, they will come in and assess/audit our facility, give recommendations and leave, and if we need them again we will need to pay another fee. Clearwater offered the same type of consulting but also offered to sell us the software tool and train us on the application and uses of it. This way we may preform audits and assessments at any time.

    We felt that we had the expertise in-house to understand and conduct assessments and audits after being shown the demo of the software. This software and training is within the compliance listed by the statutorily obligated to comply with the law as a result of Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, which was enacted as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009.

  7. Jerry Kelly Compliance Officer Baptist Health Madisonville


    In the spring of 2012 we recognized the need for an in depth assessment of our HIPAA-HITECH compliance and the Clearwater Compliance team was identified as the best fit for our needs. While the knowledge and professionalism of all of Clearwater’s team impressed us as we worked through their workshop processes to help us complete the HIPAA Security Assessment and the HIPAA Security Risk Analysis, we have also been very pleased with the “leave behinds” in the form Clearwater’s software. We subscribed to two of their tools and have used them for our ongoing HIPAA Security compliance program and the ongoing maintenance of our security program. I highly recommend Clearwater Compliance to any company needing a HIPAA Security Assessment or HIPAA Security Risk Analysis.

  8. Dawn Goodman, Privacy & Security Officer, Health Plan of San Joaquin


    Clearwater Compliance is a lifesaver! We received an audit notice before the protocols were published by OCR so we really had no idea what to expect. The expertise that Bob & his team brought to us – on literally a moment’s notice – was invaluable and helped us to prepare our management team. The Security Assessment and Risk Analysis software is thorough and clearly relates back to HIPAA in a way that gives each standard the definition that we all know is lacking in the actual regulations.

  9. eaxum


    “We definitely feel this software is helping us be compliant with HIPAA security regulations and avoid fines and penalties. It is also providing us with a framework that we are using to manage our risk across other business lines like administration, safety and compliance – even finance!”

    – Jon Watkins, CFO
    – Anchorage Community Mental Health Services, Anchorage, AK

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