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HIPAA is complex. But becoming and remaining truly compliant doesn’t have to be.
Make sure you have the right tools for the job.


Clearwater Compliance provides best-in-class HIPAA-HITECH Assessment and Security Risk Analysis and other assessment tools. Our Software-as-a-Service solutions enable covered entities and business associates to become and remain compliant with HIPAA-HITECH faster, cheaper and more thoroughly.


Our software is built on, and communicates, the exact wording of the law and the OCR Audit Protocol, so you know how you really stack up against the regulations and the OCR requirements. This reduces the complexity, confusion and guesswork of complying with the regulations.


Each of our unique, affordable HIPAA compliance software solutions provides you with a mature, repeatable and sustainable process for compliance. You can take stock, maintain and readily present a complete repository about all your information assets used to create, receive, store or transmit electronic Protected Health Information. You can capture a baseline for your organization and measure progress over time. You can access dynamic reports to document your compliance efforts with your senior management or with the OCR today…and as you progress along your compliance journey.


Simply put, Clearwater’s suite of compliance software is the most powerful, proven methodology in the market today for helping organizations successfully respond to HIPAA-HITECH requirements. Our software helps you rise above the “compliance project” mindset and actually operationalize your compliance programs.


Are you confident in your compliance efforts? Let Clearwater’s leading software solutions give you the peace of mind that comes with the nation’s most comprehensive and systematic approach to HIPAA.


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