Barry Mathis
Barry MathisSenior Vice President & Chief Business Development Officer

As senior vice president and chief business development officer of Clearwater Compliance, Barry Mathis leads sales and marketing services, driving and shaping growth initiatives in both developed and emerging markets. In this role, Barry is responsible for understanding evolving customer requirements, identifying new business opportunities and developing strategic relationships. Mathis also directs Clearwater’s brand strategy and marketing program to advance the company’s mission and the organization’s visibility in the marketplace.

Prior to joining Clearwater Compliance, Mathis served as vice president of business development for HIVE. Mathis had the responsibility for the overall growth of the company. HIVE is a private equity backed healthcare IT company that provides revenue cycle management technology solutions and services to healthcare providers. Mathis was instrumental in the development and roll out of the revolutionary business model that HIVE offers. In addition, Mathis designed the sales process that resulted in a total of 16 new clients valued at over $10M in annual revenue in 19 months. He also created and implemented a channel partner program that includes over 20 partners actively producing opportunities leading to an $18M plus pipeline. The overall marketing and branding of HIVE including website, print and digital media was managed by Mathis.

Prior to joining HIVE, Mathis served as president and chief operating officer of Narwhal Capital Management. Narwhal Capital is a privately held wealth management firm with over $500M in assets under management, based in Marietta GA. Mathis implemented the company’s strategic plan which resulted in over $7M in new assets under management with an additional pipeline of over $5M as well as expanded service offerings of the firm to generate over $500K in new revenue at a 48% profit margin.

Prior to joining Narwhal, Mathis served as the president and chief sales officer of Aspirion Health Resources. Aspirion is a private equity backed healthcare IT company that provides revenue cycle management solutions and services to hospitals. Mathis built and trained the sales force and developed the sales process which resulted in 26 new clients worth over $3M in annual revenue to the company as well as a pipeline of 50 plus opportunities valued at over $22M.

Prior to Aspirion, Mathis was director of sales and marketing for H.O. Systems Inc. H.O. Systems provided billing and CRM solutions and services for wireless carriers. In his role there Mathis built a team that tripled the revenues of the company in his first three years. H.O. Systems sold to a Venture Capital firm in 1999 for over $100M. Mathis remained on board in the same capacity and increased company revenues from $18M to $128M in just under three years and the company sold again for over $340M to VeriSign, a publicly traded internet and communications services company based in Mountain View CA. Mathis went on to hold several executive leadership positions within VeriSign.

Mathis has 26 years of successful experience in roles ranging from a sales leader, entrepreneur, senior executive and business owner. He has demonstrated his ability to powerfully increase company value by increasing sales performance and bringing revenues, profits and market share to new heights. He positively reinforces the strengths of an organization while building up areas that need attention insuring long-term profitable and sustainable growth.

Mathis holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Samford University.

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