Risk Analysis SoftwareThe OCR HIPAA Audits underway and enforcement is on the upswing. We are pleased to announce the Clearwater HIPAA Risk Analysis™ Software-as-a-Service tool help organizations complete a core requirement of the HIPAA Security Rule and Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 2 core objectives.

This new SaaS tool includes many customer-requested features including:
• A mature “guide me” methodology to your risk management efforts that strictly follows HHS/OCR guidance and uses underlying NIST risk management processes
• Recording, maintaining and presenting a complete repository about information assets that create, store, access, or transmit ePHI and the associated threats, vulnerabilities, likelihood and risk rating
• Highlighting security control deficiencies and recording your current security risk profile
• Facilitating informed risk management decision making by enabling prioritization and justification of security investments.

Customers can use the Clearwater Risk Analysis Software™ to complete their risk analyses “by the book” and develop and implement their corrective action plans. This software can transform your risk management from “arts & crafts” to a mature, repeatable and sustainable process. You can capture a baseline for your current security risk profile and measure progress in treating identified risks. Ultimately it can be a “living, breathing tool” for ongoing HIPAA security risk management that empowers your organization to become self-sufficient in meeting the requirement for a periodic risk analysis as defined in the HIPAA Security Rule 45 CFR 164.308(a)(1)(ii)(A) and under Meaningful Use.  Watch this video to learn more;

Clearwater HIPAA Risk Analysis Software Intro from Clearwater Compliance LLC on Vimeo.

As an added benefit for subscribers, Clearwater Compliance continually monitors threats, vulnerabilities and modifications to NIST security controls and updates the risk analysis tool in real time to automatically reflect any changes in the threat-vulnerability-controls space. Additionally, subscribers receive monthly updates on HIPAA-HITECH and have access to online support and vast privacy, security and data breach resources. The Clearwater HIPAA Risk Analysis can be used as frequently as an organization requires, as specified in the regulations, to ensure ongoing compliance and offers progress note and management capabilities to provide a secure repository for the organization’s HIPAA risk analysis profile.

A subscription to Clearwater HIPAA Risk Analysis is based on the size of the organization in an effort to make this powerful tool available to organizations of all sizes.

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Jon Stone
Vice President Product Innovation

Jon Stone

VP of Product Innovation at Clearwater Compliance
Jon has a unique breadth of experience with a combined 25 years’ experience in healthcare, working in the provider, payer and healthcare quality improvement fields. For the last 15 years Jon has provided strategic leadership for compliance and healthcare technology projects involving the most sensitive ePHI for companies such as CIGNA, Healthways and Ingenix. He is Clearwater’s VP of Product Innovation, and helps provide HIPAA Security and Privacy SaaS (Software as a Service) for the healthcare industry.