Clearwater Compliance, a leading HIPAA-HITECH consultancy, has announced its co-sponsorship of “The PHI Project,” a new initiative launched by the Internet Security Alliance (ISA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to study the financial impact of unauthorized access to Protected Health Information (PHI).

Established just last month, members on the PHI Project are working to provide information to organizations that handle PHI about the financial impact of unauthorized access to PHI. The project will provide a unique, holistic view of the full costs of unauthorized disclosures to CFOs and other healthcare risk officers considering organizational priorities and allocating expenditures commensurate with financial consequences. The PHI Project will culminate later this year in publication of a report presenting the project’s consensus-based findings and recommendations.

Participating in the Advisory Committee, in addition to a number of the project subcommittees, Clearwater Compliance will be involved in the overall planning and strategic direction of the PHI Project, whose collaborative work and analysis will be used to develop the report. Clearwater Compliance will also participate in a publication release event of the project findings at the National Press Club and take part in Congressional staff briefings on Capitol Hill.

“Clearwater Compliance’s passion is helping organizations safeguard the very personal and private healthcare information of millions of fellow Americans,” said Clearwater Compliance President Bob Chaput. “We are extremely honored to be part of PHI Project, an initiative that is critical to our clients and the American public.”

Further information about the PHI Project can be found by visiting

Bob Chaput

CEO at Clearwater Compliance
Bob Chaput is widely recognized for his extensive and in-depth knowledge of healthcare compliance and cyber risk management, and is one of the industry’s leading authorities in healthcare information security today. As a leading authority safeguarding health data, Chaput has supported hundreds of hospitals and health systems to successfully manage healthcare’s evolving cybersecurity threats and ensure patient safety.