Not Just Another Pretty Face!

Within a few weeks, Clearwater will be unveiling new versions of our IRM|Analysis™, IRM|Security™, and IRM|Privacy™ software products designed with enhanced workflow and streamlined efficiency in mind.

The abundance of content and features contained within our suite of advanced, powerful software tools have evolved to the point that we wanted to provide Clearwater customers an enhanced user experience designed to make the software easier and more familiar to use.

The Outer Chassis May Have a Shiny New Exterior, but What’s Under the Hood?

Anyone familiar with the early 19th century phrase, “by one’s bootstraps” might be surprised to learn there is a 21st century technology equivalent of the metaphor that refers to successively more complex, faster programming environments.  The new IRM|Pro™ version 5.0 software release will feature a Bootstrap template design boasting out-of-the-box tools and an engine that will enable our development team to develop and deliver features more quickly than ever before.  We’re excited by the advances in technology that make our new UI possible, and we know our customers will be, too.

Current IRM|Pro™ Subscribers Take Note:  Exciting Changes Are on the Way!

Current subscribers to the Clearwater IRM|Pro™ suite of products can expect a smooth transition without the worry of potential downtime or the need for extensive re-training.

The software will have a different look and feel following the upgrade, however, the underlying features and menu options will not change, making it easy to adapt to the changes in the user interface (UI).

Functional changes have been kept to a minimum.  Cosmetic and ease-of-use enhancements have resulted in transformed software that is more attractive with improved navigation options, an eye-catching color scheme (with customizable color settings) and overall improvements that continue to support the workflow to which you’ve become accustomed.

The following are just a few examples of what makes IRM|Pro™ version 5.0 a landmark Clearwater Compliance release:

  • Top navigation has been replaced by left navigation, eliminating much of the scrolling that was previously necessary to access areas of the application.
  • The grid design has been enhanced (Asset Inventory, User Management, Entity Management screens are good examples).
  • Add/Edit/Delete functions have been color-coded and migrated from the lower left corner of the grid to the top of the screen, eliminating the need to scroll to the bottom of the page to perform these functions.
  • A new “Search” feature has been added.
  • The ability to send notes and messages throughout the product has been expanded.
  • Redesign of Controls – Global/Media screen simplifies the process of applying progress updates. Note counters have been added.
  • The screen now automatically resizes when viewed on a Smart phone or tablet (referred to as a “responsive web site”). There is no need to download a separate application to make the site mobile-friendly.

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