While billions of dollars are spent each year on new technologies to secure U.S. organizations and government agencies, it’s the people with the right knowledge, skills and capabilities who will make the difference in their security, stated the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

While our cybersecurity experts create the highest quality products and deliver exceptional consulting services, we are equally focused on and passionate about the educational opportunities we create to help organizations and their employees use their security technologies better. We are always looking for new ways to help organizations stay informed and up to date on HIPAA compliance, cybersecurity and information risk management.

What’s more, unlike consultants whose business model is to keep organizations dependent on their services, we support organizations in becoming as self-sufficient as they want to be. That’s why we give you three options—we can either do it all for you, we can do it with you, or we can train you to do it.

Robust Cybersecurity Educational Options

Our extensive range of in-person and online educational opportunities include everything from complimentary  webinars, to three-day training workshops, to an online employee-training portal. Here is a brief overview of our educational options:

Software Documentation. All of our products, including a full suite of HIPAA compliance software, come with transparent how-to explanations and guides, so your employees will have the knowledge they need to get the most out of each application.

Clearwater HIPAA and Cybersecurity Program BootCamp™. Designed for busy professionals, the BootCamp™ covers the critical information you need to know about HIPAA, while diving into how organizations can take steps to protect patient health information by implementing a mature cyber security risk managment program. The BootCamp™ is available in both virtual and in-person formats.

Webinars. Each week Clearwater delivers interactive webinars on a wide range of topics to an audience of hundreds of executives and privacy, security and information risk management (IRM) professionals. These learning sessions are complimentary and open to everyone.

White Papers. Our massive library of white papers covers a wide range of topics, including best practices, advice and guidance on HIPAA compliance, cybersecurity and IRM. We regularly publish new white papers on relevant topics.

Educational Tracks. Clearwater is currently developing structured online educational courses that will provide a full understanding of specific compliance and IRM topics. The tracks will deliver content in a logical sequence and easy-to-understand format.

Blue-Ribbon Panels. These live interactive web events allow companies to interact and learn from a distinguished panel of experts in the field of privacy, security, compliance and IRM. Expert panelists share their knowledge and varying viewpoints  on relevant issues facing the health care industry today. Attendees will leave with practical insider tips—and a step closer to their overall compliance goals.

Clearwater Peer Academy. The Academy, which launched in 2016, was created in response to our customers’ requests for real-life examples and war stories about privacy, security, compliance and IRM. Attendees at the monthly webinars will hear about the challenges faced by their peers and actions taken to overcome the challenges. Sessions will include a range of topics such as, customer case studies, “Ask an Expert” forums, or breach determination exercises, and they will encourage questions and audience participation.

(ISC)²® HCISPP CBK® Training Seminars. The official HCISPP training seminar is the most comprehensive and complete review of health care security and privacy concepts and industry best practices to prepare individuals to sit for the HCISPP exam. What’s more, it is the only HCISPP training course endorsed by (ISC)². Based on sound adult learning theories, this three-day seminar uses interactive learning techniques that provide you with relevant and timely content to increase your HCISPP knowledge retention and transfer.

While considering Clearwater for our proprietary software, unmatched experience, and proven methodologies to help keep your systems secure, also consider Clearwater’s educational support to get the most out of your investment.

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Clearwater Compliance

Clearwater Compliance helps healthcare organizations ensure patient safety and improve the quality of care by safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of protected health information (PHI).

We have assisted more than 400 customers to operationalize and mature their information privacy, security, compliance and information risk management programs. And in the process, we are raising the bar for safeguarding PHI, protecting millions of Americans and driving real value for the organizations we support and the healthcare industry at large.