The cost of a data breachHow much would a data breach cost your organization? The latest stories to hit the headlines show the severe financial impact of a breach. Community Health Systems, Inc., (CHS) is one of the companies to have attracted negative press, after the organization reported the second largest breach of health records  that has ever occurred. So just how much financial fallout could a data breach cost you, and how does a lack of prevent spiral costs for the healthcare industry in general?

Financial Costs of a Data Breach

To put the financial damage of the CHS incident in full perspective, Forbes recently completed an analysis that estimated the total magnitude of the CHS breach (which affected 4.5 million patients) could reach between $75 and 150 million.

The Forbes estimate included financial ramifications ranging from:

  • recent Office for Civil Rights (OCR) monetary penalties for other large breaches
  • identity theft protection and credit monitoring for affected patients
  • lawsuits and settlement costs from pending class action litigation
  • insurance fraud costs that might hit Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies.

Sanctions imposed by OCR are typically the most visible financial losses in the healthcare industry when a breach occurs. But the CHS breach, and subsequent Forbes analysis, is a great window in to the financial domino effect that lapses in protecting sensitive health information can have for an organization and society at large.

Additional Damage

None of this takes into account the additional cost of reputational damage resulting from a highly publicized breach, including lost customers, damaged partnerships and eroded brand equity. The effects of this damage can often be more difficult to recover from than the financial cost.

Are You Prepared?

With medical ID theft on the rise, and the increasing prevalence and sophistication of cyber crimes, healthcare companies all stand at a crossroads. You’re either ready, or you’re not.

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Using this tool in tandem with recent headlines, such as the CHS breach, and you’ll have the ammunition you need to demonstrate the importance of a deeper commitment to identifying and managing key risks across your enterprise.

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