Clearwater is hosting various educational events in April, and we would love you see you there!  Please join us for a webinar, guided tour  or HIPAA Compliance and Information Risk Management BootCamp™ .

guidedtour_50Wednesday, April 1  and April 22 at 11am CST Clearwater will be hosting a complimentary guided tour of IRM|Privacy™- Clearwater’s  HIPAA Privacy and Breach Notification Assessment™ Software

The complaints are preventable with the proper controls in place. Find out how the Clearwater HIPAA Privacy and Breach Notification Assessment™ software shows you where the gaps are in your compliance program, such as impermissible uses and disclosures of protected health information (PHI), lack of safeguards for PHI and disclosing more than the necessary minimum of PHI. Learn exactly where you stand with the HIPAA Privacy Rule in this complimentary, informative Webinar.

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 webinarsThursday, April 2 at 11am CST Clearwater will be hosting an educational webinar: How to Prepare for a Privacy/Breach Notification OCR Audit or Investigation

Did you know there are fifteen significant ways in which The Omnibus Final Rule changes privacy and security provisions from those in the original HIPAA regulations? These changes have major financial, operational and legal risk management consequences for all hospitals, medical practices, health plans, and now their business associates and subcontractors that were not previously considered BAs. One of those changes mandates the Department of Health and Human Services to conduct investigations of claims made to it and the use of audits to ensure compliance with the HIPAA Privacy and Security requirements.

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Monday, April 6 to Wednesday, April 8 Clearwater will be hosting HCISPP exam prep course in Nashville, TN

HCISPP TrainingThe Official (ISC)2® HCISPP Training Seminar is the most comprehensive review of healthcare security and privacy concepts and industry best practices. Leading the course are (ISC)2 authorized instructors who specialize in healthcare security and privacy. The training addresses each of the six domains covered in the HCISPP CBK® (Common Body of Knowledge) and will help you identify areas you need to study.

When you sign up for any of the Clearwater hosted HCISPP classes, you can also receive a complimentary BootCamp registration…that’s a $595 value! Learn more here

guidedtour_50Wednesday,  April 8 and April 29 at 11am CST, Clearwater will be hosting a complimentary guided tour of IRM|Security™ – Clearwater’s HIPAA Security Assessment™ Solution.

Are you in compliance with the HIPAA Security Final Rule? If you are looking for a hipaa security risk assessment tool, look no further! In this webinar, you will learn about a powerful compliance Software as a Service that will enable you to affordably and quickly determine how you stack up against the actual law and focus your improvement efforts

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webinarsThursday, April 9, 2015 11:00 AM/12:00 PM CDT – Bona Fide HIPAA Security Risk Analysis and Risk Management

OCR has announced that Risk Analysis will be a top priority during the 2015 HITECH-mandated audits and OCR investigations.  In 2012, 68% of audited organizations had adverse findings with regards to risk analysis.  Does your organization know how to complete a bona fide risk analysis? Attend this webinar to learn the difference and leave the event with practical, actionable step-by-step instructions.

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guidedtour_50Wednesday, April 15 at 11am CST, Clearwater will be hosting a complimentary guided tour of IRM|Analysis™ – Clearwater’s HIPAA Risk Analysis™ Software Solution

With the publication of the HIPAA Final Omnibus Rule, effective September 23, 2013, any organization that creates, receives, maintains or transmits Protected Health Information is required to be compliant with the HIPAA Security Rule–Covered Entities, Business Associates and now, their Subcontractors. Penalties for non-compliance are extensive. Many organizations are struggling to find the software and methodology to power and document their HIPAA Security Risk Analysis.  Are you?

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webinarsThursday, April 16, 2015 11:00 AM/12:00 PM CDT – How to Conduct A HIPAA Security Compliance Self Audit

This material covered in this live web event has been purposefully designed help the all organizations from the largest CEs and BAs (e.g., hospitals, insurers, care management firms, etc) to the smallest BAs and subcontractors (e.g., small medical practices, clinics, dental offices, medical billing companies, IT companies, etc.).  You will receive practical, actionable advice and approaches to assessing your security compliance program as well as the actual security it provides your data.

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webinarsThursday, April 23, 2015 11:00 AM/12:00 PM CDT – HIPAA HITECH 101

If you create, receive, maintain or transmit electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), you should attend this webinar.  No matter where you are in your compliance journey, it is crucial that you learn the fundamentals of HIPAA and HITECH so that you have a solid understanding of the basics and your requirements to comply.

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webinarsThursday, April 27, 2015 11:00 AM/12:00 PM CDT – What Business Associates Need to Know about HIPAA

If you create, receive, maintain or transmit PHI, you should attend this webinar to learn more about What Business Associates  Need to Know About HIPAA. There are three absolute game changers under the Final Rules: 1) significant increases in enforcement; 2) higher penalties and non-compliance fines; and 3) the much wider net being cast to include Business Associates and their Subcontractors as entities who must comply. Learn more by attending.

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Friday, April 30 in New Orleans, LA Clearwater will be hosting Information Risk Management BootCamp™

Risk Mgmt Strategy BCClearwater’s HIPAA Compliance and Information Risk Management BootCamp™ curriculum focuses on the most pressing issues facing Covered Entities and Business Associates today as defined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services!

This interactive, one-day live event responds to the intensifying focus on Risk Analysis and Risk Management by the Office for Civil Rights.

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 Tuesday, May 19-21, Clearwater will be headed back to New Orleans for AuditWorld 2015!

2015-03-26_0911Join us in the French Quarter to hear from experts in the field as they provide insight into emerging threats and challenges with cybersecurity, fraud, the cloud and more – from both the stand point of Internal Audit and IT audit. Plus with new program highlights including our Fundamentals track and full-day Data Analytics Summit – we’re confident that this year’s program has something for everyone.

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