It has always been our goal at Clearwater Compliance to bring you the very best in HIPAA Compliance software and solutions. However, this year we have gone above and beyond our original mission to expand the functionality of our software to offer additional information and privacy risk management functionality.

In fact, our Software-as-a-Service has evolved to be such a comprehensive information risk management suite that we felt it was time to give it a new identity.

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IRM_Pro_Tagline Encompassing all of our software solutions, our suite enables your organization to assess, analyze and respond to information risks as well as create, maintain and store documentation. Multi-entity organisations can purchase licenses to be distributed across locations/entities as needed.

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Formerly Clearwater Security Assessment

Formerly Clearwater HIPAA Risk Analysis

Formerly Clearwater HIPAA Risk Analysis

Formerly Clearwater HIPAA Privacy Breach Notification

Formerly Clearwater HIPAA Privacy and Breach Notification Assessment

These new features enhance our products and build on the robust framework of tools to provide a software suite that enables organizations to identify prioritize, mitigate and reduce their risks. These features also allow you to meet compliance requirements for your industry regulations simply, with clear interactive dashboards and with the support of an integrated Help Center.

We use the extensive background and knowledge of our experienced team, along with our customer’s feedback to develop and create the most powerful, proven methodology in the market today for helping organizations successfully respond to regulatory requirements and information risk management best practices.

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Featured Improvement – Entity Hierarchy

Our Development Team has been working in overdrive and is proud to announce the Entity Hierarchy capability now available in Release 4.0 of the HIPAA Risk Analysis Software.  This feature set takes information asset management to a higher level and provides major productivity gains for organizations struggling with multiple distributed entities.

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  • Enables information systems to span entities or locations
  • Automates the cascading of information assets and risk ratings from an Enterprise data center to hospitals, clinics, offices, departments, remote location or other entities
  • Each entity has its own Bona Fide Risk analysis
  • Ideal for customers who have previously purchased a multiple location subscription or who are taking advantage of the new Enterprise pricing model


User Community IconCustomer Requested Features


Integrated Sign-On. Customers with subscriptions to multiple Clearwater software products can now access their entire suite of tools from a single log in screen.

Password Management – providing custom options and several default password settings to ensure all credentials are strong and secure, including:

  • Stricter Password Criteria – must be unique, at least 8 characters and contain a mixture of symbols, numbers and upper and lower case.
  • Automatic Log Out – All Users (Account Owners and Compliance Analysts) will automatically be logged out of the HRA tool after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • Password Aging – Passwords for all users (Account Owners and Compliance Analysts) will expire after 90 days. Account Owners have ability to modify this time frame from 14 – 180 days.
  • Password Lockout – locks accounts after 5 invalid attempts within 15 minutes.  The account will remain locked for 30 minutes, unless an Account Owner changes the User’s password.

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Jon Stone

VP of Product Innovation at Clearwater Compliance
Jon has a unique breadth of experience with a combined 25 years’ experience in healthcare, working in the provider, payer and healthcare quality improvement fields. For the last 15 years Jon has provided strategic leadership for compliance and healthcare technology projects involving the most sensitive ePHI for companies such as CIGNA, Healthways and Ingenix. He is Clearwater’s VP of Product Innovation, and helps provide HIPAA Security and Privacy SaaS (Software as a Service) for the healthcare industry.