IRM | Pro™ 4.1.2 is our biggest and boldest release ever.  This version includes powerful, new features for all IRM | Pro™ software products, ensuring that we continue to bring you the very best in HIPAA compliance software and solutions.

 Customer Requested Feature… Version History

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You talked, we listened…and we are proud to present the added capability to create automatic Version History snapshots in Version 4.1.2.

This feature will routinely create a Version History once per year for each entity and allow an Account Owner to modify the frequency preference based on your organization’s needs. Check out the Options link in the Main Menu of all Clearwater screens for more details:

  • Creates a baseline for all reports and dashboards according to time/date stamp of Version History – Great for showing progress over time!
  • Easy way to document assessments for multiple years – automatically!
  • Available in all IRM | Pro™ software products
  • Allows Account Owners to select proper cadence based on organization’s needs; monthly, quarterly, biannually, annually

We continue to collaborate with our customers to define and implement the software solutions that you have come to expect from Clearwater Compliance and look forward to your feedback on our latest release!

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Featured Improvement – User and Asset Inventory Import

Ever wanted to upload a number of users at once, without having to enter each one individually?  With our new User Import feature, you can do just that.  Download our User Import Template from any IRM | Pro™ software product, fill out the required fields and upload directly into the User List.  For our IRM | Analysis™ subscribers, we have expanded this functionality to include Asset Inventory Import.  Reduce the manual data entry of assets and move through the Risk Analysis process more efficiently by using this cool new update.


Additional Improvements to the Clearwater IRM | Analysis™ Software:

Risk Analysis

  • New selections on the Create/Edit Asset screen allow for asset categories and more robust third party and subcontractor management
  • Added Physical Location as an entry for Assets, Asset Inventory Import and Asset Inventory Report to identify where assets resides – great for asset management
  • Clearwater Controls listed on the Risk Questionnaire Form now include global and media level views with editing capability
  • Significant improvements and updates have been made to the Clearwater Risk Algorithm. Specifically in the Media/Devices 3rd Party, Smartphones and Tablets
  • Enhanced flexibility in making changes to control responses from the Controls Review screen

Risk Response

  • Clearwater Control definitions and NIST references now available on the Risk Action Plan
  • Upgraded navigation from Implementation Planning to the Risk Action Plan
  • Risk Optimization now included on the Evaluate Alternatives screen to enable users to view how control improvements may reduce related risks
  • Created an easy way to ‘Clear All’ Risk Response information when Evaluating Alternatives and Planning the Implementation of Risks.

Entity Management and Entity Hierarchy

  • Complex organizations now have the ability to cascade from Enterprise or Corporate Entities to multiple levels
  • Designed Enterprise Data Extracts for Risk Response List and Risk Action Plan
  • Developed an Entity Account Owner, which has administrative privileges at the entity and product level.
  • Renamed the Account Owner to Enterprise Administrator, who now has global administrative capability for Entity Hierarchy and Entity Management

Updates to Clearwater IRM | Privacy™ and IRM | Security™ Software:

  • Deployed Role Based Access and the ability to create Custom Roles
  • You can now upload documents and files to Tasks and To-Do’s
  • Enhanced Compliance Tasks Report and Task Completion To-Do Report to include the filter/funnel functionality
  • Created a Document Management area as the central library for all files uploaded into the product

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