It has always been our goal at Clearwater Compliance to bring you the very best in HIPAA Compliance software and solutions. Our current products not only embrace HIPAA, but have evolved to reflect the broader risk management company that Clearwater Compliance, LLC has become.

Our software, previously referred to as “Clearwater Software as a Service” is now called IRM|Pro™.

Clearwater’s IRM|Pro™ is a complete and comprehensive suite of best-in-class software that enables covered entities and business associates to become and remain compliant with HIPAA-HITECH faster, cheaper and more thoroughly.  Other changes to product names are summarized below:

Customer Requested Features

User Community IconLast month, we announced the release of Version 4.0 which introduced the Entity Hierarchy functionality.  To recap, Entity Hierarchy is designed to be used with an Enterprise Subscription and enables information systems to span entities or locations by automating the cascading of information assets and risk ratings from an Enterprise data center to affiliated entities, all while ensuring EACH entity has its own Bona Fide Risk Analysis.  This capability has been a huge time saver for many existing customers and continues to impress prospects.

Since its release, we have had tons of product suggestions and feedback in regards to reporting and Entity Management.  Thus, we have released Version 4.1.1 which includes a new Enterprise Extracts feature.   Enterprise Extracts gives Account Owners the ability to analyze sorted data at an aggregate or enterprise level.  Initially, four data extract options will be available for export to CSV file format.

  • Entity List Detail Extract: A handy reference file containing data that can be dropped into a reference table in Access to easily query parent/child entity relationships.
  • Asset Inventory Extract: this extract provides an easy way to review entities and ensure consistency of data by allowing you to easily compare parent assets to child assets and to compare associated media and storage information.
  • Risk Rating Detail Extract: a feature of this new extract is the ability to view different types of Notes, which will make it easier to verify that a global note or a risk specific note has been set. This extract will help with remediation/mitigation budget planning by providing such useful metrics as, “What are the highest risks across the enterprise?” or for determining the top ten risks rated across the top ten media.
  • User Roles Detail Extract: this report provides an easy way for a global administrator to ensure that only necessary permissions have been assigned at each region/entity level as you can view the roles of all users associated with all entities.

We continue to collaborate with our customers to define and implement the software solutions that you have come to expect from Clearwater Compliance and look forward to your feedback on our latest release!


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Featured Improvement – IRM|Security™ & Privacy Product Manual

We are proud to broadcast the release the first version of the IRM | Security and Privacy Software Manual.  This 50 page document is full of step-by-step instructions and colourful screenshots that will assist you in completing your Security and/or Privacy assessments.  You can download the manual by selecting the ‘Software Manual’ link located at the top right of all Clearwater screens.  This will enable you to download the file in a PDF format.  Be on the lookout as we are in the process of updating the Clearwater Help Center with all of the valuable content included in the software manual.


Additional Improvements to the Clearwater IRM|Analysis™ Software:

Click on the maps pin icon to launch the new Risk Management Map feature.  Accessible from any Risk Analysis application screen, the Risk Management Map provides “You Are Here” workflow orientation and provides navigation assistance based upon the recommended Risk Analysis workflow.

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Jon Stone

VP of Product Innovation at Clearwater Compliance
Jon has a unique breadth of experience with a combined 25 years’ experience in healthcare, working in the provider, payer and healthcare quality improvement fields. For the last 15 years Jon has provided strategic leadership for compliance and healthcare technology projects involving the most sensitive ePHI for companies such as CIGNA, Healthways and Ingenix. He is Clearwater’s VP of Product Innovation, and helps provide HIPAA Security and Privacy SaaS (Software as a Service) for the healthcare industry.