Securing Telehealth TH

NIST and Telehealth: Securing the Remote Patient Monitoring Ecosystem

We are living in an exhilarating time in the world of healthcare. A common theme among many healthcare related stories and articles we come across today is that things which were once thought to be a matter of science fiction are now moving closer to becoming a reality. A Feb 27, 2019, article from Forbes Magazine, entitled, “Telemedicine: The Latest Futuristic Tech Prediction from The Jetsons To Come True,” brought up a cartoon show from 1962, “The Jetsons,” in which depicted patients video conferencing physicians for diagnosis and treatment as being something commonplace.

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Breakfast & Breaches_ Key Takeaways Chicago

Key Takeaways From Breakfast & Breaches™ | Chicago

Clearwater and Lockton Companies, the world’s largest privately owned, independent insurance brokerage firm, are hosting a series of panel discussions with security experts and officials from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights (OCR). The series offers attendees up-to-date information about cyber risk management strategies, HIPAA compliance and OCR enforcement. Attendees can participate in person or via live webcast.

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What Does OCR’s Lowering of Maximum Annual Caps Mean_

What Does OCR’s Lowering of Maximum Annual Caps Mean for Covered Entities?

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) gave notice in the Federal Register that it is lowering the maximum annual caps for all HIPAA culpability tiers, except for the willful neglect without timely correction tier. There has been uncertainty for some time as to whether OCR’s interpretation of the statute was appropriate with regard to the $1.5M annual limit for all culpability levels.

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Clearwater IRM _ Analysis CyberIntelligence™ Insight Bulletin

Clearwater CyberIntelligence Institute™ IRM | Analysis™ Bulletin #2

Laptops quickly come to mind when security leaders think about potential vulnerabilities for their organization. They are highly portable, can be accessed remotely, and are at high risk for theft. CCI™ analyzed high and critical risks facing hospitals and health systems found in our database and summarized them based on Clearwater’s comprehensive method of evaluating administrative, technical, and physical vulnerabilities.

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Cyber and Privacy Risks Are Bleeding Over into Medical Professional Liability Risks

Cyber and Privacy Risks Are Bleeding Over into Medical Professional Liability Risks | Update from the Cayman Captive Forum

Over November 27th to 29th, the 26th annual Cayman Captive Forum was held in Grand Cayman.  Over 1,400 specialists including captive directors, CFOs, CROs, service providers and captive managers from around the world met to discuss the issues most pressing to the captive insurance industry.  One of the key topics discussed was the apparent evolution from what started out as “HIPAA compliance risk” to “cybersecurity risk” to a “patient safety risk” and now “medical professional liability risk”.

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Clearwater IRM _ Analysis CyberIntelligence™ Insight Bulletin Blog Header

Clearwater CyberIntelligence Institute™ IRM | Analysis™ Bulletin #1

Clearwater delivers cyber risk management solutions to hundreds of healthcare delivery organizations and their partners. The enormous data set of cyber risk information stored in our IRM|Analysis™ database enables us to capture deep insights surrounding current cyber threats and identify trends that will help inform and prepare organizations to Manage Cyber Risk Right. Clearwater’s IRM|Analysis™ […]

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Protecting Investments: Why Healthcare Private Equity Investors Must Increase Focus on Cybersecurity Risk

Private equity investments in the healthcare industry have been increasing dramatically. In the past three years alone, private equity deal values in the healthcare sector totaled $102B globally. Furthermore, the healthcare industry accounted for 18 percent of private equity deals in 2017, the highest percentage ever for the industry. There is strong private equity interest in the […]

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Key Takeaways From the Safeguarding HIPAA Summit – Part 2

The Annual Safeguarding Health Information: Building Assurance through HIPAA Security Hosted by the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) took place late October in DC. This post will serve as Part two and will pick up from where I left off in my previous blog. Key takeaways: The […]

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