In case you missed some of the top news from the last few weeks here is a handy digest of the top headlines with with editorial notes from our team.

The Importance of Cybersecurity in M&A Transactions

A great article, with lots of relevance to our larger health care clients.

Security threats, hackers and shadow IT still plague health IT

Are you fully aware of all of the shadow IT at your organization? Many CIOs are shocked to find hundreds of cloud services being used on their corporate network.

NIST Releases Draft Privacy Risk Management Framework

There’s been a lot of comments on this new framework since it was first published, both positive and negative.  The positive is that it’s the first move toward a framework; the negative is that it’s based on the security risk framework which may not be a good fit when the details begin to form the framework more specifically.  Watch this space for additional commentary and advice around this new framework.

With Merging of Insurers, Questions for Patients About Costs and Innovation

How does all that corporate overhead (marketing costs, stock options, heated parking garages, racket ball courts, etc) in the 1100 health plans in the US impact quality of care, access to care and timely care?  Could it be that our current health care free market economy is headed towards a single payor system?

As insurers grow larger, the effect on consumers depends largely on how successfully other companies, particularly those created or attracted by the Affordable Care Act, can compete.

More News:

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