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Project Overview

Encompass Health Automates HIPAA-Compliant Risk Assessment to Strengthen Security Risk Management.

Encompass Health sought to establish an accurate, comprehensive, OCR-quality risk analysis process to serve as the foundation for the organization’s enterprise-wide security risk management program.
  • Clearwater HIPAA Compliance and Cybersecurity BootCampTM (education)
  • IRM|AnalysisTM (software designed for HIPAA-compliant risk analysis, based on the NIST framework)
  • Clearwater HIPAA Risk Analysis WorkShopTM (professional services)
  • Comprehensive, OCR-quality risk analysis completed.
  • Risk analysis aligns with the NIST framework.
  • Risk analysis is granular, down to individual media and medical devices where ePHI resides.
  • IRM|AnalysisTM software supports ongoing risk analysis and risk management, consistent with a constantly evolving asset, threat and vulnerability environment
  • Increased confidence in accuracy, detail, timeliness and scope of risk analysis.
  • Anticipated savings in resources needed to generate Board-required risk assessment.
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