Integration of Clearwater software in my curriculum was an awesome success, as you will see from the student feedback. The ability to apply risk methodologies and use a high quality tool to drive lessons home is priceless. As always, I am honored to be working with you guys. Thank you for helping me educate the next generation of InfoSec professionals!

Jim Furstenberg, Assistant Professor Information Security and Intelligence, Ferris State University

Project Overview

Since 1884, Ferris has been committed to innovation, creativity and high quality outcomes in all endeavors. They are a designated National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense Education by NSA/DHS*, and are ranked in top 25 – 2014 Ponemon’s Nation’s Best Cyber Security Schools.

  • Exposing students to enterprise and industry relevant Risk Analysis “realities” in the class room.
  • Creating an experiential Risk Analysis learning environment.
  • Augmenting academic course content with real world industry solutions and technology.
  • Helping to meet NSA/DHS* objectives to create a growing number of IA/CD professionals to meet the need to reduce vulnerabilities in the nation’s networks.
  • Exposed students to industry-leading, NIST SP800 39-based information risk management software to facilitate learning.
  • Provided students access to “Academic Use” industry Risk solutions.
  • Met knowledge unit requirements to meet NSA/DHS* National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance (CAE/IAE).
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