I’m very pleased with how well things went.
Benefits Director, Large Health Plan

Project Overview

Note: This is a genuine case study, but we have respected the organization’s request to remain anonymous.

A growing multi-location entity with over 150,000 employees as members of the company’s self-insured group health plan administered by the Benefits team in the Human Resource Department.

  • Having the confidence to know which Privacy and Security Rule regulations applied to the benefits team
  • Needing subject matter experts to assess the group health plan’s level of compliance with HIPAA-HITECH
  • Uncertainty as to how to update Business Associate agreements as required by the Omnibus Rule
  • Developing a remediation plan to close compliance gaps and conduct periodic on-going assessments to confirm
  • Established applicable Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rule regulations through Clearwater’s Group Health Plan Requirements Determinator™
  • Provided regulatory references confirming requirements
  • Conducted compliance assessments using Clearwater’s Security and Privacy/Breach Notification software limiting the regulations to only those that were applicable
  • Provided competent review and editing of Business Associate Agreement templates
  • Resolved concerns stemming from uncertainty of the applicable regulations
  • Provided a compliance score for management oversight
  • Identified compliance gaps and populated a remediation plan for prioritization and project management
  • Had access to deep subject matter expertise and insight
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