We really enjoyed working with everyone
on the Clearwater team and feel that the
consulting engagement and IRM software
solutions have been key foundations for building our ongoing compliance initiative.
Cynthia Bradford Lencioni, Chief Operating Officer
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Project Overview

With conviction to improve patient care, Pulsara’s team is dedicated to advancing the chances of patient recovery through increased speed and efficiency of care through acute care coordination between EMS and healthcare providers.

With the implementation of the user-friendly STOP STEMI and STOP STROKE applications, Pulsara’s customers have greatly improved their quality measures by significantly reducing the time to first medical contact and critical intervention.

  • As a Business Associate, Pulsara is obligated to ensure the privacy and security of the protected health information provided by the Covered Entities utilizing the application.
  • As a start-up company focused on the maturity of its own technology, the leadership team opted for an independent expert assessment of their HIPAA compliance and information security programs, and assistance with resolution of any findings.


  • Conducted Clearwater’s facilitated Security Risk Analysis WorkShop™,
  • HIPAA Security and Privacy Compliance Assessment WorkShops™, and Technical Testing
  • Provided findings, observations and recommendations to remediate all gaps. Assisted Pulsara in remediation activities and implementation of new and revised policies and procedures. Assigned high priority to completing the remediation and implementation.


  • Completed the HIPAA requirement to conduct a bona fide security risk analysis for participants PHI -§ 164.308(a)(ii)(A)
  • Priority focus on “Baking-In” Privacy and Security considerations early in the development lifecycle to ensure future development and deployment of applications retain the controls and considerations.
  • Demonstrated high commitment to compliance and Risk Management.


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