Breakfast & Breaches

Breakfast & Breaches® | Chicago

HIPAA & Cyber Risk Management Readiness, Recovery, and Requirements


BLOG: Key Takeaways From The Event

Advice From The Panel

Wandah Hardy and Joe Lungren: Office for Civil Rights

Discussing the importance of understanding the rules, performing a risk analysis, and dealing transparently with OCR.

Kevin Hewgley: VP - Financial Services at Lockton Companies

Offers top advice to companies who have experienced a breach.

Lockton Companies Partner, Maggie Spalding

Highlights the importance of initiating a tabletop exercise to put a plan in place. This, in conjunction with an enterprise-wide risk analysis, will alleviate panic and decrease surprises.

Breakfast & Breaches® | Chicago | Recorded Session

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Breakfast & Breaches - Chicago 2019

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