Clearwater Compliance, LLC is proud to broaden their educational reach through their new partnership with Ferris State University, a designated National Security Agency Center of Academic Excellence (NSA CAE).  The partnership provides Clearwater with the opportunity to give something back to the community and help safeguard our nation’s digital information assets.

“I’m honored to be working with the team at Clearwater,” states Jim Furstenberg, Assistant Professor of Information Security and Intelligence at Ferris State University. “Our partnership with them will help to educate the next generation of Information Security professionals.”

In the past, Ferris State University has experienced some challenges with exposing students to real world situations and creating a learning environment that utilizes state-of-the-art risk management software to enhance experiential learning.  In order to meet National Security Agency/Department of Homeland Security objectives, it was important for them to find a way to match the growing number of Information Risk Management professionals with the tools necessary to combat information security weaknesses within existing companies and organizations.

This innovative program provides Clearwater’s NIST-based IRM|Analysis™ software free of charge for student classroom use under a new Education Collaboration Agreement. The software application is currently used by hundreds of organizations and automates a large part of the NIST Risk Management Process (Frame, Assess, Respond, Monitor).

Students using IRM|Analysis™ have already derived great value from the tool and accompanying support. Students’ access to this software facilitates better understanding of critical information risk management concepts and gives them access to a platform that enables them to conduct real-world, bona fide risk assessment and risk response tasks.

With the success in Ferris State’s information assurance and cyber defense program, Clearwater is now expanding the program to other of the hundreds of NSA CAEs around the U.S.

Clearwater Compliance

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