One-Size-Fits-All Doesn’t Make Sense

Every organization has its own unique set of business objectives, compliance requirements, policies, procedures, and technology solutions. As a result, it also has its own unique set of threats, vulnerabilities, and risks. Traditional approaches to cyber risk management, including one-size-fits-all checklist assessments, spreadsheets, or paper-based systems, can not address the unique needs of your organization and often do not meet HIPAA Compliance requirements.

cyber risk management

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Improve Your Perspective on Cyber Risk

Designed for healthcare, Clearwater’s Enterprise Cyber Risk Management Solution (ECRMS) provides full visibility into where your greatest exposures lie. Unlike antiquated spreadsheet-based assessments, our IRM|Pro™ Software as a Service (SaaS) is designed to adapt dynamically to your organization’s specific systems and processes out of the box. In addition to facilitating the ongoing enterprise-wide evaluation of threats to your information systems, we enable you to effectively manage risk remediation actions, thereby improving your security posture.

Manage Cyber Risk Right

cyber risk management
  • Follow NIST standards – NIST SP 800 series implemented out of the box
  • Assess risk for every ePHI information system, ensuring that there are no gaps
  • Understand which risks are the highest based on likelihood and impact
  • Reduce residual risk through risk remediation workflow management
  • Stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape with ongoing risk analysis
  • Monitor the cyber risk management system through built-in dashboards
  • Gain centralized, up-to-date documentation of your risk management process
  • Avoid OCR fines with an industry-proven, by-the-book risk analysis solution

Holistic Enterprise Solutions Built for Healthcare

Our industry-leading ECRM Solution for healthcare, complete with our IRM|Pro™ software, manages all of your risk analysis and risk response needs. We create best-in-class OCR-quality Risk Analyses™ for hospitals, health systems, and their partners that evaluate the threats to all information systems, in all locations, including assessing the likelihood and impact of a breach.

Industry Proven. Rapid ROI.

industry proven cyber risk management
  • 100% OCR acceptance of our risk analysis—don’t take chances
  • Prevent breaches and keep patients safe with the most comprehensive solution in the industry
  • Stay ahead. Vulnerability and threat scenarios are updated by Clearwater on an on-going basis.
  • Optimize IT spending through prioritization of security projects
  • Increase efficiency with a streamlined, automated risk analysis and risk management process—no more spreadsheets!
  • Avoid fines and penalties—benefit from proven success
  • Efficiently address HIPAA and Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) requirements

Based on all I’ve seen over the years, Clearwater’s risk analysis methodology and software are in the best-of-breed tier and can be seriously considered by any organization striving to meet regulatory requirements in performing HIPAA risk analysis.

Former Director, HHS Office for Civil Rights /
Partner, Seyfarth Shaw LP

What If OCR Contacts Us?

To date, there have been more than 64 Office for Civil Rights enforcement actions. Ninety percent of those enforcement actions relating to ePHI included adverse findings in an organizations’ risk analysis and risk management.

Clearwater-provided risk analyses have a 100% acceptance rate when submitted to OCR.