Clearwater Cyber Risk Services™ (CRS)

A 3-Year Program to Help Hospitals and Health Systems Establish, Implement and Mature Your Cybersecurity Program to Achieve Self-Sufficiency

Hospital leaders tell us there is a lack of skills, knowledge, experience and funding to stand up, operate, and maintain an effective cyber risk management program that will protect the privacy and security of patient information, ensure patient safety, and safeguard a hospital’s finances and reputation.

To assist hospital and health system leaders’ journey toward patient safety and balance sheet protection, Clearwater has developed the Cyber Risk Services™ 3-year program.  Cyber Risk Services™ was designed to help hospitals take on healthcare’s toughest cyber risk management challenges so that health leaders can stay focused on what they value most – highest quality patient care, stakeholder satisfaction and financial stability.

 Cyber Risk Services™ Overall Goal is to Make Your Organization Self-Sufficient and Includes:

  • Designated information risk management (IRM) leader to lead the program and augment your team
  • Annual completion of OCR-Quality Risk Analysis and risk response planning
  • Actionable and prioritized recommendations and ongoing risk remediation assistance
  • Clearwater’s award-winning IRM|Analysis™ software
  • Annual assessments of the organization’s IRM program maturity
  • Onsite presence to perform duties
  • Monthly and quarterly executive and Board IRM briefings
  • Ongoing IRM education and training for staff and executives
  • Onsite support in the event of any OCR enforcement actions
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