Clearwater Cyber Risk Services™ (CRS)

A strategic and complete 3-year program to help hospitals and health systems implement, execute and mature their cyber risk management programs.

Hospital leaders tell us there is a lack of skills, knowledge, experience and funding to stand up, operate, and maintain an effective cyber risk management program that will protect the privacy and security of patient information, ensure patient safety, and safeguard a hospital’s finances and reputation.

Clearwater Cyber Risk Services™ was designed to help hospitals take on healthcare’s toughest cyber risk management challenges so that health leaders can stay focused on what they value most – highest quality patient care, stakeholder satisfaction and financial stability.

Clearwater CRS combines its award-winning IRM|Pro™ ECRMS platform, expert professional services, and proven methodology to rapidly build your cyber risk management program.  We also work with you to help you assess, respond to, and manage cybersecurity risks on an ongoing basis.

 Clearwater Cyber Risk Services™ enables healthcare organizations of all sizes to implement a best-in-class cyber risk management program.

Clearwater offers three levels of the CRS program at fixed monthly fees to ensure predictable costs that won’t break your budget.  We want to make sure our solutions match your specific needs. 

  • CRS Essential | Best Suited For: Community hospitals, small regional hospitals, medical practice groups, business associates

  • CRS PlusBest Suited For: Small IDNs, regional health systems, 50+ medical practice groups, large covered entities

  • CRS EnterpriseBest Suited For: Large IDNs, select other covered entities

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