Helping Healthcare Organizations Leverage Web-Based Solutions Securely

When deployed properly, the cloud can be a powerful ally for a healthcare organization. Cloud solutions offer many benefits, the primary one being reduced cost. As a result, the migration of healthcare organizations’ IT systems to the cloud continues to accelerate.

Unfortunately, healthcare IT security has struggled to keep pace with this trend, and recent studies have found millions of patient records located in the cloud exposed to the public.

In another recent survey of healthcare organizations, more than three quarters of the 300 respondents indicated that they have had a cloud data breach in the past 18 months while almost half had at least 10 cloud breaches during that time.

Partner with Healthcare’s Risk and Compliance Leader

Recognized as the leading provider of Risk and Compliance solutions in Black Book Market Research’s survey of healthcare providers the past three years in a row, Clearwater has the in-depth knowledge of web-based environments and technical expertise to help you take advantage of cloud solutions while minimizing the risk of a breach.

We can assist with strategy development and analysis, compliance and architecture assessments, monitoring, and prototyping and remediation services. Our Cloud Security Services focus on supporting you through the complete solution lifecycle:

  • Security control recommendations
  • Application security development and deployment processes
  • Workload migration strategy
  • Scenario development
  • Vendor selection criteria development and selection guidance
  • Risk remediation as identified in Evaluate phase
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Container scan
  • Compliance scan
  • Penetration testing (Blue Team/Organization)
  • Network
  • Application/Database
  • Access
  • Build replica of proposed environment
  • Review, test, validate
  • Develop practices that combine software development and IT operations
  • Integrate application and infrastructure security into the development process
  • Cloud deployment security readiness assessment
  • Frameworks and compliance assessments
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Penetration testing (Red Team/Independent)
  • Network
  • Application/Database
  • Access

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