Healthcare data, systems and devices are more voluminous, more visible, more valuable and, at the same time, more vulnerable than ever. With limited resources and antiquated tools, many information security teams are struggling to keep pace with cyber threats that are growing in frequency and sophistication.

Finding qualified information security professionals is getting harder every day. And finding qualified cyber risk management experts is even more difficult.

Partner with the Healthcare Industry’s Cyber Risk Management Leader

This is where we come in. Organizations don’t come to Clearwater because they need security staff augmentation. They partner with us because they want a cyber risk management program that meets the requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule and Office for Civil Rights guidance, provides real insight into where risk resides within their organization, and results in the effective treatment of risks over time given their risk tolerance, resources and budget.

We deliver your cyber risk management program as a service aligned with NIST Special Publication 800-39 Managing Information Security Risk. We do this the way risk management was intended, as an ongoing process and not a single point in time.

Our professionals will work with you to Frame your cyber risk management program, Assess risk in your IT environment, plan and document how you Respond to identified risks, and Monitor ongoing compliance and the effectiveness of your risk response.

This work will all be captured in Clearwater’s purpose-built IRM|Pro® software platform, a single source of truth for your cyber risk management program. Through the SaaS-based solution, you will have available to you at any time dashboard views into the progress and status of your cyber risk management program at the push of a button.

Key Benefits of Clearwater’s Cyber Risk Management as a Service

A team of Healthcare Cyber Risk Management experts dedicated to your organization

A strategic approach that minimizes disruption to your daily operations

Risk analysis that is always up to date as your IT environment changes

Clear and consistent risk analysis and remediation progress reporting to leadership

Continuous monitoring your organization’s information systems and environments of operation to verify the effectiveness of established security controls

We have found that no matter the size and complexity of the organization, we can deliver a program more efficiently and effectively than trying to do it in-house.

It’s why Clearwater has been the top-rated Risk and Compliance solution provider in Black Book Research’s survey of healthcare providers for the past three years in a row.

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