A Streamlined Assessment of Cybersecurity Program Governance

Many healthcare organizations struggle to understand the effectiveness of their cybersecurity programs. Traditional evaluations reference technology solutions and detailed technical configurations that must then be managed, often times overwhelming teams with remediation items.

Clearwater’s Cybersecurity Program Performance Assessment (CPPA) is a practical evaluation of organizational cybersecurity control expectations, focused on governance practices, policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines as the foundation upon which all other cybersecurity activities rely.

Key needs addressed by the CPPA include:

Moving from reactive to proactive in organization and operation of your cybersecurity program

Aligning across multiple frameworks, mapping one to many and many to one

Meeting various evolving compliance (regulatory, industry, and contractual) expectations

Establishing and maintaining a cybersecurity program with well-defined roles and responsibilities

Built around the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, the CPPA provides a high level, but stabilized view of governance expectations, integrating cybersecurity controls into day-to-day operations, including alignment with subject matter expert activities. The goal is to help leadership understand at any point in time how well its cybersecurity program is operating relative to its policies and procedures.

Enhancing Governance Practices and Program Substructure

The Clearwater Program Measurement Model™ identifies the status of individual cybersecurity controls by isolating and evaluating control building blocks and their level of adoption, including their definition, implementation, evolvement, and validation.

Unlike cumulative versions, where the maturity analysis stops at the first non-compliant measurement, the Clearwater Program Measurement Model goes beyond and identifies the maturity levels across the major categories while still capturing the non-compliant foundational measurements.

The assessment model and its outcome support enhancement of cybersecurity governance practices and program substructure, resulting in an organization that is better prepared for future risk analyses and their resulting remediation efforts.

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