Designed for private equity firms, law firms, and healthcare organizations involved in M&A transactions of healthcare entities

Clearwater conducts an efficient evaluation of cybersecurity and HIPAA Compliance risk of the target investment and have options to match the budget, timing, and scope, as appropriate. In as little as 30 days, we deliver an investment committee-ready report and identify specific actions that can be taken to resolve critical risks.

An Important Addition to Your Customary M&A Due Diligence Program

As more private equity investment moves into the healthcare industry, it is crucial to consider the unique risks associated with protecting patient data and the potential impact of cybersecurity attacks. To avoid costly risks, investors must address security and compliance concerns throughout the M&A process.

Identify Key Cyber Security and Compliance Gaps That Could Impact Your Investment

Clearwater's Cyber Risk & HIPAA Compliance M&A Due Diligence Assessment offers an in-depth, streamlined review of policies and procedures, governance programs, organizational structure, and practices to provide an early indication of areas of excess risk before an investment is made.

Clearwater’s M&A Assessment also identifies the specific actions and steps that should be taken post-closing to mature the organization’s compliance and security programs.

Additional Benefits

Broad 10-point tactical assessment of all key HIPAA requirements and cybersecurity processes

Efficiently assesses and identifies any “show stoppers” or critical areas of risk

‘Off the Shelf’ program, completed in as few as 30 days

Investment committee-ready Findings, Observation, & Recommendations report

Provides actionable steps for improvement and provides basis for post-closing plan of action

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