Can you trust your vendors to safeguard your patients’ private information the same way you do?

Healthcare providers are at increasing risk of intentional and unintentional cybersecurity compromises by vendors that access, transmit, store, or maintain their critical data. The latest Ponemon Institute study indicates that 56% of providers have had one more vendor-related data breach over the last two years.

Risk is compounded by the increasing amounts of outsourced data, expanding use of the cloud, the growing number of service providers, the escalating threat landscape, and rising severity of regulatory fines at the state and federal level.
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Our Vendor Risk Management solutions are designed to be scalable based on the size and complexity of the organization, as well as the organization’s capabilities and resources to assess, improve, and carry out its vendor risk management functions.

Step 1: Assess

Clearwater’s team of experts can help you conduct a methodical assessment of your vendors and subcontractors that have access to protected data, classifying the risk associated with each of them based on a range of factors.

Step 2: Improve

Clearwater’s experts can also help you improve your vendor risk management program through the implementation of governance, process, and technology changes. Our work focuses on three areas that are vital to build an effective vendor risk management program:

  • Defining policies and procedures for monitoring vendors
  • Consolidating existing internal vendor profile data and contracts into a single data repository
  • Closing critical vendor data gaps

Step 3: Ongoing Program Execution

Recognizing that many healthcare providers have limited resources to put toward this effort, Clearwater partners with many organizations to provide end-to-end Vendor Risk Management as a Service. Our team will provide oversight of your program and deliver alerts on any issues that emerge as well as analytics and reporting on how vendor risk profiles are changing over time.

Clearwater has the expertise and tools to help you turn a major source of risk into a strategic advantage, enabling your organization to collaborate confidently with vendors that are essential to the delivery and management of care.

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