Clearwater Enterprise Cyber Risk Management System

A comprehensive system, not just software or just consulting.

More than just software or just consulting alone, CRMS includes methodology and processes, all driven by our IRM|ProTM software.  A complete system, pre-configured right out-of-the box. CRMS incorporates NIST Cybersecurity Framework and Risk Management processes, fully adheres to guidance documents and audit protocols published by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), and contains pre-built workflows and algorithms to determine appropriate vulnerability, threat and control scenarios.  Our system also includes powerful, easy to read CyberIntelligenceTM dashboards to facilitate your governance and decision making.

Clearwater’s compliance tools, such as IRM|Analysis™, have created an internal infrastructure that allows us to meet the most rigorous demands of Compliance annually. The service support we receive across all their products has been exceptional from the first day we began working with them.
Ed O'Mara, President, CCO, Innovative Care Management

OCR-quality with a 100% success rate.*

Clearwater has helped many organizations through OCR investigations, audits and inquiries.  Customers who have used our IRM|ProTM software and services have passed OCR requirements without question.

*When implemented according to our guidelines and/or in conjunction with a Clearwater Risk Analysis WorkShopTM

An enterprise Cyber Risk Management System is a powerful tool that enables an organization to improve their security posture by identifying and managing remediation of the highest impact cybersecurity risks in the organization.

  • Identify, profile, and track all locations where all sensitive data lives

  • Analyze and rate risks: likelihood of a threat exploiting a vulnerability and the resulting impact to the organization

  • Respond to the most critical risks and manage risk mitigation workflow

  • Monitor on-going risk analysis as technologies are added, and new threats emerge

  • Manage by getting real time, on demand, accurate information on progress

With deployments in hundreds of hospitals and successful implementations in 60 integrated delivery networks, Clearwater’s IRM|Pro™ enterprise Cyber Risk Management System has become the de facto industry standard solution for healthcare information risk management and compliance.

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