Clearwater Enterprise Cyber Risk Management Solutions (ECRMS)

A comprehensive enterprise wide approach to cyber risk management

The Need for Enterprise Cyber Risk Management

New technology and the digitization of health information have improved both the quality of care and the efficiency with which it is delivered. Despite its benefits, new technology introduces new risks to the organization and its patients. Today, healthcare providers and business associates face growing challenges in:

  • Securing sensitive information, including electronic protected health information (ePHI)
  • Meeting HIPAA compliance requirements and Office for Civil Rights (OCR) audit standards
  • Ensuring continuing quality of care and patient safety

The only way to effectively meet these challenges is with a comprehensive enterprise wide approach to cyber risk management.

The Challenge with “One Size Fits All” Solutions

Your organization has its own unique set of business objectives, compliance requirements, policies, procedures and technology solutions. As a result, it also has its own unique set of threats, vulnerabilities and risks.

Traditional approaches to cyber risk management including “one size fits all” checklist assessments, spreadsheets, or paper-based systems do not address the unique needs of your organization, and often do not meet HIPAA Compliance requirements. They cannot tell you where you are most likely to have a breach or what its impact may be. Without this information, it is impossible to know how to best allocate your cyber security budget and effectively minimize risk to your patients and organization.

The Solution: Enterprise Cyber Risk Management for Healthcare

To respond to today’s rising cyber threats and meet the expectations of the Office for Civil Rights, healthcare organizations must implement an enterprise cyber risk management solution (ECRMS).  An ECRMS takes a holistic approach by facilitating the evaluation of threats to all information assets in all locations, including assessing likelihood and impact of a breach. An ECRMS also provides management with visibility into remediation actions including the ability to monitor progress in real time.

Clearwater provides the leading ECRM Solution for Healthcare

Our IRM|Pro™ software and our Risk Analysis and Risk Response WorkShops™ provide a best-in-class, holistic ECRMS. Clearwater’s NIST standards-based solution enables hospitals, health systems, and their partners to:

  • Implement an enterprise wide cyber risk management program
  • Meet HIPAA compliance and OCR audit requirements
  • Address Meaningful Use risk analysis requirements

Manage Cyber Risk Right

Clearwater’s solution enables you to identify the highest-impact cyber risks and effectively manage, document, and monitor remediation. IRM|Pro™ provides a robust, pre-configured SaaS platform, which efficiently and effectively enables you to:

  • Assess risk for each information asset, ensuring that there are no gaps in the risk analysis and fully meeting the HIPAA Security Rule Risk Analysis requirement
  • Understand which risks are the highest through a consistent scoring system that considers the likelihood of the threat, exposing the vulnerability, and the impact to should the sensitive data be exposed or corrupted, or should availability be denied
  • Reduce residual risk by creating risk remediation plans, facilitating remediation workflow, and providing visibility to progress
  • Stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape by facilitating ongoing risk analysis as technologies are added, new threats emerge, or people and processes change
  • Respond to regulatory requests, for example, producing an OCR-ready Risk Register and generating reports required for Meaningful Use Attestation
  • Demonstrate progress of the overall risk management program through an executive level of CyberIntelligence™ Dashboards and reports

Clearwater’s compliance tools, such as IRM|Analysis™, have created an internal infrastructure that allows us to meet the most rigorous demands of Compliance annually. The service support we receive across all their products has been exceptional from the first day we began working with them.
Ed O'Mara, President, CCO, Innovative Care Management

Comprehensive Professional Services to Support Your Needs

Clearwater provides a complete set of professional services to aid you in implementing all aspects of your enterprise cyber risk management system and in meeting HIPAA compliance requirements.  Services can be procured a la carte or as a full-service program, known as Clearwater Cyber Risk Services. Our services leverage tried and proven methodologies as well as the experience of our team of seasoned privacy and security experts. They include:

With deployments in hundreds of hospitals and successful implementations in 60 integrated delivery networks, Clearwater’s IRM|Pro™ Enterprise Cyber Risk Management Solution has become the de facto industry standard solution for healthcare information risk management and compliance.

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Manage Your Cyber Risk Right With Clearwater's ECRMS

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