A Better Way to Manage HIPAA Compliance

Through our experienced consulting services and industry-proven IRM|Pro® software, Clearwater offers the healthcare industry the most rigorous yet efficient solution for complying with HIPAA regulations. In addition to providing full visibility into your highest risks, we provide actionable and practical plans for achieving compliance with these rules.

HIPAA Security

HIPAA Security

We use services and tools customized to your organization to ensure your organization is HIPAA compliant. Our resources include security gap assessments, risk analysis, workforce training, and much more.

HIPAA Privacy

HIPAA Privacy

HIPAA privacy requirements have 60 standards, 63 implementation specifications, and 80 audit protocols. We make sure your organization is in compliance with all of them.

Strategic Advisory Services

Learn about our OCR Enforcement Assistance, Strategic Security Roadmap, and more.

Helping You Navigate New State-Level Regulations

Our expert consultants have in-depth knowledge of key state-level regulations impacting healthcare organizations and can help you take the necessary steps to ensure compliance.

California Consumer Privacy Act

We were impressed by Clearwater’s ability to provide us with the expertise to quickly and efficiently conduct a rigorous compliance assessment according to the HIPAA Security Rule policy requirement and successfully meet the deadline set forth by AHCCCS.
Vice President, Information Systems,
University of Arizona Group Health Plan


HIPAA Risk Analysis

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Starts Here

Conducting an enterprise-wide, information system-based HIPAA risk analysis that adheres to OCR’s guidance and provides full visibility into your organization’s exposures is no small task. A by-the-book approach to HIPAA risk analysis can be overwhelming unless you have the right tools and resources in place. Clearwater provides the most comprehensive NIST-based Security Risk Analysis solution available. Powered by IRM|Analysis®, our solution has a 100% acceptance rate from the OCR.

How we do it:

Our HIPAA Risk Analysis solution combines our proven methodology with our proprietary IRM|Analysis® SaaS platform to deliver the most comprehensive risk analysis available. Clearwater’s risk analysis solution maps to the specific systems and processes in your organization and gauges risks based on the likelihood of a threat exploiting a vulnerability and the resulting impact to your organization. Rely on our expertise and systematic approach to conduct an OCR-Quality® Risk Analysis.

Deliverables include:

  • Subscription to our industry-leading IRM|Analysis® software
  • A detailed Risk Analysis Findings, Observations, and Recommendations (FOR) report
  • A risk registry and other reports for Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use) Attestation and OCR inquiry response

HIPAA Security Gap Assessment

Be Confident in Meeting the Security Rule Requirements

Our HIPAA Security Assessment WorkShop™ streamlines the assessment process while taking a rigorous, systematic approach and fully documenting the process in our SaaS-based IRM|Security® tool.

How we do it:

We take a streamlined approach while documenting the assessment process. We combine our security software with training from experts and help you follow all laws and OCR audit protocols so you can feel confident about HIPAA security. WorkShop output includes:

  • Evaluation of your compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule
  • Assessment response report and remediation plan
  • Education for staff
  • Training of your privacy and breach notification compliance team

HIPAA Privacy & Breach Assessment

Protecting All of Your PHI 

Our HIPAA Privacy and Breach Notification WorkShop™ process protects your organization and its data by providing a complete and thorough gap analysis of your organization’s compliance readiness, including all protected health information (PHI) whether electronic, paper, or other format. 

How we do it:

We will use our proven methodology and leverage our industry-leading IRM|Privacy® SaaS software to efficiently and effectively evaluate all 60 standards, 63 implementation specifications, and 80 audit protocols to provide an actionable and systematic plan for achieving compliance with these rules. Our Findings, Observations, and Recommendations (FOR) report includes:

  • Initial “quick and easy” initiatives
  • “Big rocks” priority items 
  • Detailed initiatives and work to be completed 

HIPAA Policies & Procedures

A Policy and Procedure Toolkit™ Designed to Meet the Needs of Healthcare Organizations

A complete set of HIPAA policy and procedure templates satisfy the strict requirements of the regulations. Each Toolkit™ is designed to help different organization types meet the requirements of the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification rules.

How we do it:

Our Policy and Procedure Toolkits™ contain more than just a full set of templates. We also include guidance, both in documentation and in expert consulting. Each Toolkit™ includes a Policy Development QuickStart Guide™, including best practices for tailoring and implementing effective policies and procedures to match your business processes. The Toolkit™ includes:

  • Policies and procedures for all 53 HIPAA Security implementation specifications
  • A Table of Contents listing the essential documentation
  • A standardized format

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

A Full Suite of OCR-Quality Testing Services

Conducting an OCR-Quality Technical Evaluation required by 45 CFR §164.308(a)(8) helps organizations test the effectiveness of the controls they’ve implemented and meet the explicit HIPAA Security Rule requirements for periodic technical evaluation.

How we do it:

Clearwater combines its tools, manual testing, and technology experience to improve your security posture. We identify weaknesses, conduct a series of simulated attacks, conduct a vulnerability and penetration test of your network, and more. Services include:

  • Internal and External Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • WLAN Security Testing
  • Web Applications Testing
  • Network Architectural Assessment
  • Security Awareness Assessment

Workforce Training

Proven, Affordable, Web-Based Workforce Training Program

Clearwater’s HIPAA workforce training can transform a major vulnerability (unaware workers) into a valuable asset to help safeguard the PHI entrusted to you and protect your organization’s reputation—We can help with this critical last mile effort.

How we do it:

Clearwater’s approach to workforce training ensures your effective response to HIPAA requirements including security and privacy programs for employees, training on the organization’s security policies, and procedures pertaining to specific job functions, among others. The online program includes modules on:

  • Security Awareness
  • Complying with HIPAA for covered entities
  • Complying with HIPAA for business associates
  • Complying with HIPAA for hybrid entities
  • PCI Awareness (POS, IT/back office, phone/online)

OCR Enforcement Advisory Services

If the Need Arises

Maintaining resilience in your cybersecurity profile is critical. Beyond the day to day, healthcare organizations often need strategic, executive-level advice on the best practice for establishing an NIST-based cybersecurity framework, their overall cyber strategy, metrics, budgeting, and sometimes, OCR guidance.

How we do it:

Our professionals can assist you in dealing with and limiting the negative impact of an OCR inquiry. We can provide the support and advice you need to prepare for a breach—before it happens—and to recover after a breach. We can assist you in responding to an OCR investigation and, finally, align your compliance activities with a Corrective Action Plan, if one is required.

We do this by:

  • Strengthening your breach response capability
  • Preparing you and your team for a potential OCR investigation
  • Coordinating and supporting your response and communications with OCR
  • Scheduling and documenting your cyber risk management actions.

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