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I just wanted to let you know that your webinar today was one of the best that that I have ever attended.
Dan Landsberg, Senior IT Auditor
Bob, I wanted you to know today’s presentation was outstanding. It’s great to be a client of Clearwater!
Ed O'Mara, President, Innovative Care Management


With the latest major ransomware attack impacting thousands of organizations across the globe, it has become clearer then ever that now is the time for Healthcare Leaders to proactively understand Cybersecurity and take the necessary steps to protect patients, data, and their organizations from the next inevitable cyber attack.  Join us for this complimentary webinar as we dive into the cybersecurity threat landscape and discuss how to establish a robust cyber risk management plan.  More>


No matter what industry you are in today, it is a commonplace regulatory requirement and industry best practice to conduct a quality risk analysis.   In fact, completing such an assessment, regulations aside, is the foundation of any good information security program. Even if you are among the small percentage of organizations that are not required by regulations to conduct a risk assessment, it should be a standard, ongoing key step in your organization’s risk management strategy and plan. More>

How to Develop Your HIPAA Policies and Procedures Webinar guides you through the current requirements of the HIPAA Final Rule, as it relates to documentation for Policies & Procedures, as well as how to actually design and develop security, privacy and breach notification policies and procedures. Any HIPAA audit or investigation is sure to include a close review of your HIPAA Policies and Procedures.  Learn how to get your policies and procedures in place and operational in this informative, free webinar. More>

The Symposium will be conducted in partnership with CHiME and is dedicated to healthcare CIOs. The registration is complimentary to CHiME members. If you are not a CHiME member click here to learn more. More>
This webinar is designed to help Covered Entities, BAs and subcontractors assess their compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule and to prepare your organization for a potential audit or other OCR enforcement action. More>
Following the plethora of data breaches and individual complaints, regulatory enforcement agencies are continuing to increase their enforcement actions. Too many organizations are not actively managing known and identified risks. This webinar is designed to help attendees understand risk response fundamentals.  More>


Clearwater’s interactive, educational Risk Analysis Working Lab series is back with another 4 session event designed to remove the guesswork out of OCR’s risk analysis criteria. More>

The Symposium will be conducted in partnership with AEHIS and is dedicated to healthcare CISOs. The registration is complimentary for AEHIS members. If you are not an AEHIS member  yet enroll now while membership is free!   More>
Audits will continue to occur for a few hundred Covered Entities and Business Associates each year; however, OCR receives thousands of complaints and Breach Reports every year that are subject to review and potential investigation.  The likelihood of an organization undergoing an investigation is far higher than the potential for an audit, and organizations should be prepared for both at any time.  Is your organization ready? More>