Our live web events provide valuable information on a range of HIPAA compliance and cyber risk management related topics and allow attendees to gain insider insight and learn industry best practices.

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I just wanted to let you know that your webinar today was one of the best that that I have ever attended.
Dan Landsberg, Senior IT Auditor
Bob, I wanted you to know today’s presentation was outstanding. It’s great to be a client of Clearwater!
Ed O'Mara, President, Innovative Care Management


Clearwater’s cutting-edge educational series, OCR-Quality Risk Analysis Working Lab™ is designed to remove the guesswork out of OCR’s risk analysis criteria for ensuring cyber risk exposures are minimized. Our faculty experts will guide you through the four interactive, hands-on lab sessions, utilizing Clearwater’s AHA-endorsed risk analysis software, IRM|Analysis™. More>
Following the plethora of data breaches and individual complaints, regulatory enforcement agencies are continuing to increase their enforcement actions. Too many organizations are not actively managing known and identified risks. This webinar is designed to help attendees understand risk response fundamentals.  More>
The only way to safeguard the sensitive information within your organization (PHI, PII, credit card data) is to have a robust information risk management program.  Learn how to mature yours.   More>

With increasing penalties, greater enforcement and a growing set of sources of business risks and liabilities, healthcare organizations and companies that support healthcare organizations must gain a solid understanding of the HIPAA Privacy and Security and Breach Notification Rules.

While it is fairly well known that these rules provide for the privacy and security of Protected Health Information (PHI), the details of the laws: who is covered, what is covered, what is required, etc., is not well understood by either healthcare providers, their business associates or subcontractors.  Our goal is to help make it all clearer.  More>


Clearwater’s BootCamp™ focuses on the most pressing issues facing Covered Entities and Business Associates today, instilling in its attendees the steps your organization can take to not only comply with HIPAA, but how to create an overall cyber risk management program that enables your organization to manage information-related risks. More>

Clearwater’s educational series, OCR-Quality HIPAA Security Assessment Working Lab™ is designed to remove the guesswork out of completing the periodic Security evaluation required by the HIPAA Security RuleMore>

PHI Protection Network Webinar Series:  To reduce the likelihood and impact of the compromise of any sensitive information, systems or devices, organizations must implement a balanced information risk management program that invests in and implements reasonable and appropriate safeguards or controls based on the severity of these risks. One key element to safeguarding PHI is through bona fide OCR-quality Risk Analysis and Risk Management.  More>
PHI Protection Network Webinar Series:  The challenge is the lack of funding for identifying, prioritizing and implementing necessary safeguards and controls to reduce the risks to health information.  The methodology discussed in this webinar, and outlined in the 2017 report “The Financial Impact of Breached Protected Health Information: 2017 Update”, has proven to be successful in obtaining funds for information protection.   More>