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I just wanted to let you know that your webinar today was one of the best that that I have ever attended.
Dan Landsberg, Senior IT Auditor
Bob, I wanted you to know today’s presentation was outstanding. It’s great to be a client of Clearwater!
Ed O'Mara, President, Innovative Care Management


Clearwater’s cutting-edge educational series, OCR-Quality Risk Analysis Working Lab™ is designed to remove the guesswork out of OCR’s risk analysis criteria for ensuring cyber risk exposures are minimized.  More>


The current risk environment for health systems is changing quickly and includes a wide spectrum of threats – ranging from traditional intrusions designed to steal protected health information (PHI) to more novel and emerging attacks, such as tampering with bio medical devices or blocking access to essential records systems. The changing threat environment is blurring the lines between information security and patient safety and is requiring each discipline to expand its scope.  More>
We completed our OCR Quality Risk Analysis….Now what? The OCR Quality Risk Response Working Lab™ is designed to provide education on the NIST Requirements for tackling the Risk Response process while guiding you through two interactive, hands-on lab sessions, utilizing Clearwater’s AHA-endorsed risk analysis software, IRM|Analysis™. More
With increasing penalties, greater enforcement and a growing set of sources of business risks and liabilities, healthcare organizations and companies that support healthcare organizations must gain a solid understanding of the HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules. More


Focused on the most pressing issues facing Healthcare today. Learn steps to not only comply with HIPAA, but how to establish, implement & mature an overall cyber risk management program.  *With a special Medical Device Risk Management Panel Discussion.  More>
The latest massive cyber-attacks have made it even more apparent that it is no longer a matter if your organization will be affected by a breach or cyberattack, but when. What would a breach or cyber-attack cost your organization? More>
How to Develop Your HIPAA Policies and Procedures webinar guides attendees through the current requirements of the HIPAA Final Rule, as it relates to documentation for Policies & Procedures, as well as how to actually design and develop security, privacy and breach notification policies and procedures. More>