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Join Us and Elevate Your Medical Device Cybersecurity Plan
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Join Clearwater and CyberMDX for a 60-minute, real-time demonstration of the most comprehensive solution available for improving the cybersecurity of medical devices connected to a Healthcare provider’s network. More than just a traditional vulnerability assessment, strengthen your end-to-end, enterprise approach to reducing risks, by automatically identifying, assessing, and managing risk of all wired as well as wireless medical devices and clinical assets that are connected to your network– a critical first step in a comprehensive, OCR-quality cybersecurity and risk management solution


This 60-min webinar has been designed to help covered entities and business associates address evolving medical device risk challenges and concerns with a robust, holistic and automated solution.

In this webinar, attendees will:

  • Gain a better understanding of the current landscape of medical device challenges in healthcare

  • Get a real-time demonstration of our medical device security solution that will help discover, inventory and categorize your medical devices

  • Understand how Clearwater’s IRM|Analysis™ software utilizes the medical device inventory to facilitate an OCR-quality Security Risk Analysis and implement and document a remediation action plan = resulting in compliance of HIPAA requirements

  • Learn how to maintain IoMT visibility through continuous discovery, identification and finger printing of connected devices

The Challenge

Security of medical devices is of great concern to healthcare providers, as unauthorized access to a connected device may not only threaten confidentiality of electronic protected health information (ePHI), but also has the potential of compromising availability of service and integrity of data that might be critical to patient care. Many hospitals and health systems do not have the tools or processes in place to find and profile all of the medical devices within their network. As a result, healthcare providers are not assessing vulnerabilities, performing risk analyses, or taking appropriate steps to reduce risks of these devices to acceptable levels.

The Solution

In order to keep up with the vast amount of medical devices, a connected device security solution has to be more than the traditional vulnerability assessment.

New technology is needed to:

  • discover and inventory medical devices,
  • identify which devices have ePHI,
  • assess their vulnerabilities,
  • interpret active threats,
  • and provide actionable insights for reducing risk.

Clearwater and CyberMDX have teamed up to do just that…and we want to show you how.

About CyberMDX

CyberMDX is a pioneer in medical cyber security, delivering visibility and threat prevention for medical devices and clinical assets. CyberMDX delivers an agentless, passive security solution, providing unmatched visibility and protection of medical devices to ensure their operational continuity as well as patient and data safety. Identify, assess, detect, and prevent potential cyberattacks with continuous discovery of medical devices, comprehensive risk assessment, and AI-based containment and response.

Safi has close to 20 years experience with technology companies, both large and small. He joins CyberMDX from Centrica Business Solutions where he was Head of Business Alliances and IoT. He also was VP Business Development at Panoramic Power and Arcadian Networks, after starting his career as a Product Manager at SAP.

For more information, please visit us at

Date & Time

November 15, 2018

11 am – 12 pm CT

Your Presenters

Steve Cagle
Steve CagleChief Executive Officer & Director
Alex Masten
Alex MastenDirector, Training and Solutions Architecture
Safi Oranski
Safi OranskiVP Business Development at CyberMDX
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Join Us and Elevate Your Medical Device Cybersecurity Plan
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