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Join us for this complementary educational webinar and learn how HR and HIPAA often intersect.
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Employees post the biggest threat to your organization’s sensitive data. It does not take malicious intent to cause harm, and most employees are simply not aware how their practices lead to data leakage.

Human Resources (HR) is the center of all things related to employees and so it is imperative that everyone in HR understand HIPAA regulations and that a HR representative is involved in HIPAA compliance initiatives and activities. Although most don’t think of HR when talking about HIPAA, there are many areas in which HR can reduce the risk of a data breach and increase compliance.

Attend this 75-minute webinar and learn how HR and HIPAA intersect.


This webinar is designed to help covered entities and business associates involve human resources  in their HIPAA compliance programs.

In this 75 minute webinar you will how HR can assist with:

  • HIPAA Training
  • Minimum Access and Access Controls
  • Workforce Clearance Procedures
  • Sanctions
  • Participation in an organization’s HIPAA ‘working group’

The Challenge

With HIPAA compliance, there may be a disconnect between Human Resources and HIPAA. However, it is imperative that HR be involved in an organization’s HIPAA compliance initiatives. HR is the first to welcome an employee to your organization and typically the last one that sees the employee off. These key interactions with workforce members provide the groundwork for safeguarding the protected health information (PHI) that you maintain.

Learning Outcomes

The webinar covers key areas where HR and HIPAA compliance merge. No matter where you are in your HIPAA compliance and cyber risk management journey, you will benefit from learning about:

  • Why HR should be involved in HIPAA
  • What HR can do to help with HIPAA compliance
  • How HR falls into Group Health Plans
  • All registrants will receive a copy of all slide materials.

Date & Time

January 9, 2017

11 am – 12:15 pm CDT

Your Presenter

Erin Brisbay McMahon, JD
Erin Brisbay McMahon, JDSenior Director, Legal and Compliance & In-House Counsel
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Join us for this complementary educational webinar and learn the foundations of a strong information risk management program.
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