This presentation is a recording of a live webinar given on 2/28/18 and 9/13/2018. For the latest information and to take advantage of interacting with our subject matter experts, we invite you to attend one of our live webinars.

September 13, 2018 Recording – (The first 10 minutes were not recorded.)


This webinar provides attendees with practical, actionable steps to harness the power if the NIST approach to information risk management by:

• Ultimately, making higher quality decisions about information / cyber risks by adopting the NIST approach
• Implementing the NIST IRM Process: Framing, Assessing, Responding to and Monitoring Risk
• Leveraging the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to better manage and reduce cybersecurity risk
• Maturing your IRM program to proactively protect your organization’s sensitive information

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