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Links to various resources about “information assets”:

a.       How to Complete a Clearwater Compliance Risk Analysis Information Asset Inventory –

b.       What is an Information Asset? –

c.       Information Asset Examples –

d.       How to obtain a Risk Analysis Estimate –

e.   “Guidance on Risk Analysis Requirements under the HIPAA Security Rule”

f.  Manufacturer Disclosure Statement for Medical Device Security (MDS2) –

Does your organization know how to complete an OCR-quality risk analysis? View this webinar to learn more about OCR risk analysis and HIPAA risk assessment requirements. Take away practical, actionable step-by-step instructions!

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“Performing the Risk Analysis is a daunting task each year. Clearwater provides the step-by-step workflow, detailed help and assistance back to NIST and HIPPA/HITECH references that allow for a clear and defined process.”

Mark Rooker, Director Information Systems, Susan B Allen Memorial Hospital
“Can you imagine how nice our lives would be if all software vendors were like Clearwater? We ask a question, we get an answer. We need training, they provide it. Software works as advertised. What a concept!”
Grace Barry, IT Director, Family Service League
Clearwater’s compliance tools, such as IRM|Analysis™, have created an internal infrastructure that allows us to meet the most rigorous demands of Compliance annually. The service support we receive across all their products has been exceptional from the first day we began working with them.
Ed O’Mara, President, CCO, Innovative Care Management

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