Hear from current and former employees of State Attorneys General offices concerning how privacy and security investigations are conducted, their enforcement authority, and how they coordinate with each other and with OCR | presented on 05/02/2018.

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This presentation is a recording of a live web event co-hosted by:

Russell Smith, Deputy Attorney General, New Jersey Office of the Attorney General

Ernâni Magalhães, Privacy Counsel

Erin Brisbay McMahon, JD, Senior Director, Legal and Compliance & In-House Counsel, Clearwater Compliance

This web event offers an insider perspective on key topics such as:

  • How State Attorneys General enforce information privacy and security requirements
  • State Attorneys General and HIPAA enforcement authority
  • Investigations by State Attorneys General and special areas of focus
  • Coordination with OCR and other State Attorneys General

Compliance with HIPAA and its regulations has never been more important.  Fifty states have enacted data breach laws of their own, which are often triggered when a HIPAA data breach occurs.  Covered Entities and Business Associates are challenged to respond to Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and State Attorney(s) General inquiries.  The HITECH Act gave State Attorneys General the ability to bring a civil action to enjoin violations of HIPAA and to obtain damages for the residents of their state, and to recoup attorneys’ fees.


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