2011 featured a large number of negative headlines involving data breaches and million dollar law suits. To rectify this, HCPro Inc. wants to draw attention to the brighter side of the HIPAA by publishing a series of positive stories throughout the coming year.

Last year was mostly bad news for healthcare organizations with negative HIPAA headlines flooding the media. From an HIPAA breach at Massachusetts General Hospital to violations in the UCLA Health System, the headlines never seemed to stop.

For 2012 though, HCPro Inc. wants to shift the focus away from these tales of data leaks and privacy failures. Instead, they want to hear of circumstances where breaches have been averted or a training program has been effective. If you have a positive HIPAA headline, get in touch with the editor of HCPro Inc., Mr. Dom Nicastro, and your organization could then be featured in one of the company’s many online publications.

For the full story, visit http://www.hcpro.com/HIM-275063-866/HIPAA-2012-What-are-your-plans.html

Bob Chaput

CEO at Clearwater Compliance
Bob Chaput is widely recognized for his extensive and in-depth knowledge of healthcare compliance and cyber risk management, and is one of the industry’s leading authorities in healthcare information security today. As a leading authority safeguarding health data, Chaput has supported hundreds of hospitals and health systems to successfully manage healthcare’s evolving cybersecurity threats and ensure patient safety.