10 Point Strategic HIPAA Compliance Assessment™

Find out where you stand and get a clear plan of action with our assessment of your current compliance program and needs.

Healthcare data breaches are increasing, both in frequency and severity. Also on the rise are enforcement actions by Federal and State agencies, class action law suits and consumer complaints. The resulting financial penalties, coupled with negative media exposure can cripple an organization.

So with increasing interoperability and data sharing, how confident are you in your organizational compliance with HIPAA regulations?

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Clearwater’s 10 Point Strategic HIPAA Compliance Assessment™ has earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association.

Find Out Where You Stand

Clearwater’s in depth HIPAA compliance assessment is carried out by seasoned professionals, assessing your HIPAA compliance program effectiveness in 10 critical areas:

  • Privacy, Security, Risk and Compliance Governance Program
  • HIPAA Privacy, Security and HITECH Breach Notification Policies & Procedures
  • Workforce Training
  • HIPAA Security Risk Analysis and Risk Management
  • HIPAA Security Non-Technical Evaluation
  • HIPAA Security Technical Evaluation
  • Business Associate Management Program
  • Privacy Rule and Breach Notification Rule Compliance Assessments
  • Insurance Coverage (e.g. Cyber Liability, D&O, E&O, P&C)
  • Remediation Planning and Execution

Trusted by hundreds of organizations to complete their HIPAA Compliance Assessment

Remediation Planning and Execution.

The Clearwater 10 Point Strategic HIPAA Compliance Assessment™ includes:

  • Identification all your sources of information risks and liabilities.

  • A plan of action tailored to your unique business requirements and a prioritized roadmap for the implementation of solutions.
  • Thorough by-the-regulations approach carried out by experienced, seasoned professionals.
  • Board-ready executive-level Findings, Observations & Recommendations (FOR) presentation.
I am happy to positively endorse Clearwater Compliance. They have done an excellent job for us with their audit of our privacy, security and breach readiness.
Eric Bergen, Sr. Director– Quality Improvement & Compliance, Alameda Alliance for Health

Be Proactive. Be Covered.

Exercise the business care and prudence expected of an organization seeking to satisfy a legal requirement by engaging a highly acclaimed, experienced team of compliance experts for a comprehensive assessment of your HIPAA compliance program.

Make sound decisions and justify expenditures for safeguards and controls most needed for your organization with tangible reports, results and action plans.

Larger organizations can benefit from a cyber liability review to ensure reasonable, appropriate and effective insurance coverage complements risk mitigation actions.

Our Point Strategic HIPAA Compliance Assessment™ has earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association.

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