Clearwater Enterprise Cyber Risk Management Software™


Intuitive software for completing a formal, NIST-based, OCR-quality security risk analysis and establishing a continual Risk Management Program of Framing, Assessing, Responding and Monitoring

IRM|Analysis™ is a key component of an enterprise cyber risk management solution (ECRMS), which enables your organization to assess, manage, monitor, and report on all risks and risk mitigation actions.

OCR-Quality, with a 100% success rate.

When implemented according to our guidelines and/or in conjunction with a Clearwater Risk Analysis WorkShop™.

Based on all I’ve seen over the years, Clearwater’s risk analysis methodology and software are in the best-of-breed tier and can be seriously considered by any organization striving to meet regulatory requirements in performing HIPAA Risk Analysis.
Leon Rodriguez, Former Director, HHS Office for Civil Rights / Partner, Seyfarth Shaw LP

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IRM|Analysis™ Key Features

Start Fast With Rapid Implementation

Quickly catalog your information asset inventory of systems that contain ePHI via data upload and guided data entry. IRM|Analysis™ provides preset out-of-the-box settings to rapidly bring insight to your risk profile.

No set-up or customization required!

Be Confident – By the Book

IRM|Analysis™ guides you through completing the key elements of an HHS/OCR-compliant Risk Analysis.  The software ensures you’re following the NIST standards for a rigorous and effective approach to identifying and reducing major exposures.

Remove the Guesswork – Expert System

Clearwater’s proprietary algorithms suggest vulnerability and threat scenarios to enable the organization to focus on critical risks and avoid losses.  The Clearwater Risk Algorithm is continuously updated, to match the best controls against risks specific to your organization, saving time and effort.

Less Effort – Risk Management Automation

Entity Hierarchy enables complex multi-site organizations with distributed applications to risk analyze systems at the data center(s) and cascade risk information to all entities that use system, eliminating the need for redundant analysis. Extensive automation features boost user productivity by enabling individual data entries to accurately update many records.

Risk Response Workflow – Enterprise Collaboration

Assign tasks such as control evaluations and risk mitigation action items. Users can view and update work performed on their tasks and risk managers can monitor status, send reminders, and get up to date reports on progress.

CyberIntelligence™ Dashboards

Gain actionable insight into the most critical vulnerabilities, control deficiencies and the related remediation.  Obtain real-time updates on risk analysis progress, risks above threshold, control deficiencies, and risk mitigation status.  Know where the biggest exposures lie and where action can make the most meaningful impact.



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