Clearwater Enterprise Cyber Risk Management Software™


Frame and Establish Your Risk Management Strategy

With IRM|Framework™ you can assess the current state of your organization’s adoption of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) and evaluate its progress and status toward continuous improvement.

Jump start NIST Cybersecurity Framework adoption by quickly capturing current profile and tier information using IRM|Framework, identifying a target profile and creating an action plan. 

Cybersecurity is critical for national and economic security. The voluntary NIST Cybersecurity Framework should be every company’s first line of defense. Adopting version 1.1 is a must do for all CEOs.
Wilbur Ross, US Secretary of Commerce

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Understanding The NIST Cybersecurity Framework

A Framework is not a Process.  A Framework is not a Maturity Model.  A Framework is not a Controls Check List.  A Framework Facilitates Articulation of Desired Cybersecurity Outcomes. 




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