Save time and resources with expert-developed HIPAA Security Policies and Procedures

We have a selection of toolkits designed to meet the needs of health care organizations.


Clearwater’s Policy and Procedures Toolkits™ have earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association.

The HIPAA Security Final Rule specifies that organizations must document and implement reasonable and appropriate policies and procedures to comply with the requirements of the Security Rule and to ensure their workforce is thoroughly trained on these policies and procedures.

If you are like most organizations, you are struggling to find the time and resources to write the essential policies and procedures for all 53 HIPAA Security implementation specifications.

Create fully-compliant policies and procedures in a fraction of the time with the Clearwater HIPAA Security Policies & Procedures™ ToolKit.

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Do you know where to start?

Leon Rodriquez, the Director of the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), highlighted this advice to healthcare organizations to improve HIPAA compliance and the security of PHI: “Ensure vigilant implementation of privacy and security policies and procedures, as well as tough sanctions for violating them.”

Yet, findings from recent OCR investigations and audits point to the failure of organizations to develop, and document Security policies and procedures more frequently than any other compliance gap. Without written procedures, how will your workforce know what is expected of them in safeguarding the confidentiality, availability and integrity of PHI entrusted to your organization?

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Detailed Templates Include

  • Purpose
  • Definitions
  • Policy Statement
  • Detailed Procedures
  • Regulatory Authority

  • Analysis
  • References
  • …and More!

No time or knowledge to document your Security Policies and Procedures?

You can document and implement policies and procedures that align with the HIPAA Security Final Rule in a fraction of the time you might need to develop them on your own. Clearwater’s Security Policies and Procedures templates are thorough, complete, are easily tailored to your organization, and will assure your commitment to protect the PHI under your custody…and your reputation!

Get there faster with Clearwater.

You can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in staff education and documentation time with the Clearwater HIPAA Security Policies™. Just tailor the templates and implement them at your organization.

Clearwater’s experts have developed this ToolKit specifically to meet the needs of both Small-to-Medium Businesses and larger organizations, ensuring you great value for the size of your organization.

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What’s Included

  • Privacy Policy Development QuickStart Guide™ including best practices for tailoring and implementing effective policies and procedures to match your business processes
  • Complete set of HIPAA Security policy and procedure templates
  • Comprehensive HIPAA-HITECH Privacy and Security Glossary of Terms
  • 60 minutes of complimentary email, telephone or web-meeting support when you buy 3 Policy and Procedure Toolkits!

We offer two sets of HIPAA Security Policy and Procedures. Our experts can help you to decide which is most suitable for your organization.

SMB Edition

Nine (9) templates developed to meet the explicit requirements of organizations with less complex or largely outsourced information systems such as medical practices, business associates performing a narrow range of services and the like.

Enterprise Edition

Fifty-three (53) core templates plus additional bonus templates, developed to meet the explicit requirements of large hospital systems, health plans, information exchanges, and organizations with multiple or complex information systems and assets used to create receive manage or transmit ePHI.

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