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Clearwater’s Health Care Information Privacy, Security, Compliance and Risk Management Solutions have earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association.

The team at Clearwater is easy to engage with and reach out to whenever there is a question. Their Security Risk Analysis Workshop went smoothly from start to finish, from scoping the agreement to receipt of the final report.
Andrea B Thomas-Lloyd, Director, Information Protection & Assurance, Lancaster General Health
As with many major metropolitan hospitals our IT team had many competing priorities in our strategic plan. We didn’t really have the bandwith or skill set to do the comprehensive meaningful use risk analysis without expert help. Clearwater provided us with experienced resources, efficient processes, and software training to ensure we got the most useful, actionable information while meeting regulatory requirements. With the Clearwater software platform in place, we can now build our information risk management program.
It Director, Metropolitan Hospital

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The HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule brought into effect increased obligations and liabilities for business associates and their subcontractors.

Business Associates now face the same HIPAA enforcement actions as Covered Entities and Hybrid organizations, and are directly liable for any violation of the HIPAA Security Rule, as well as certain elements of the Privacy and Breach Notification Rules.

We provide a full range of HIPAA compliance solutions for Business Associates including education, advice, software, policy and procedures and full consulting services.

Our experts understand the challenges faced by Business Associates (who often lack the resources of larger health care organizations) and offer services tailored to meet those challenges and help you to establish a strong HIPAA compliance program.

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In addition to the solutions listed here, we offer a full range of consulting services tailored to suit your needs. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements.

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