Virtual CISO – Professional Security & Risk Management Leaders

A vCISO is the Logical Choice for Resource or Talent Constrained Healthcare Organizations.

Lead | Establish | Implement | Mature | Improve

A completely tailorable service based on your own compliance and cyber risk management requirements. Equipped with award-winning SaaS and other solutions, services are delivered both on-site and remotely. This service, at your request, can range from interim part-time to full-time Virtual CISO services.

Challenges are Becoming Clearer

  • The ongoing shortage of security and risk management professionals in healthcare
  • The constant introduction of new and increasingly sophisticated technology
  • Increased attacks on healthcare organizations

Let Clearwater augment or fill your security and risk management staffing requirements with knowledgeable, experienced individuals to help you achieve your compliance and cyber risk management program goals.

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AHA Endorsement

Health Care Information Privacy, Security, Compliance and Risk Management Solutions from Clearwater Compliance LLC have earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association.

The Clearwater Virtual CISO Services can be configured to include, but are not limited to:

  • Provision of Program Leadership and Advisory Services: A senior security and risk management professional is assigned as your Virtual CISO and is backed by Clearwater’s cadre of privacy, security, compliance and information risk management professionals. Duties include strategic plan and budget development and execution.
  • Formalization of Information Risk Management Program Governance: Consistent with regulatory requirements, appropriate executive oversight and cross-functional working groups are established, chartered and facilitated.
  • Development of Security and Information Risk Management Policy and Procedures: Appropriately detailed security and information risk management policies, procedures and practices are developed and documented.
  • Provision of Security and Information Risk Management Training and Education: Regulatory, security awareness and information risk management training is delivered to workforce members.
  • Completion of All Regulatory-Driven Security Assessments: All assessments required in most regulatory frameworks may be conducted and may include, but not be limited to risk assessments, compliance gap assessments and technical testing. Practical, tangible and actionable findings, observations and recommendations reports are delivered.

  • Establishment of 3rd Party Vendor Risk Management Program: We lead the development of this critical component of an your compliance and cyber risk management program to manage 3rd party exposures.

  • Information Risk Management Program Maturity Assessment: An expert, independent assessment of your current program to include key capabilities such as governance, people, processes, technology and engagement is completed resulting in a plan of action and milestones.

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