Through Clearwater’s OCR Enforcement Advisory Services our professionals assist our customers with meeting HIPAA requirements and limiting OCR’s bite by:

Providing the support and advice you need to prepare for a breach before it happens

Helping you recover after a breach occurs

Assisting you in responding to requests for information if OCR opens an investigation

Aligning your compliance activities with a Corrective Action Plan if one is put in place

Using lessons learned from previous OCR audits, investigations, and enforcement actions, our team of subject matter experts helps you minimize your compliance, financial, and reputational risk.

We do this by:

Strengthening your breach response capability

Preparing you and your team for a potential OCR investigation

Coordinating and supporting your response and communications with OCR

Scheduling and documenting your cyber risk management actions

OCR Enforcement

Clearwater assisted us throughout the OCR Investigation process.  As a direct result, we were able to negotiate a potential $3.9 million civil money penalty down to a $0.4 million negotiated settlement amount.
Former Privacy Officer, Idaho State University

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